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first off, all of your complaints are misdirected. the majority of you are former TBW borrowers, no? your mortgage company was shut down by the FBI and forced in to bankruptcy. we had two weeks notice that about 250k loans were coming to our system. we hired hundreds of new hands during that time and trained them on the job. if you got poor customer service during that time frame, SORRY, we were expanding so that we can answer your phone calls.

it is not cenlar's fault that your payments went missing, blame the TBW bankruptcy. it's not cenlar's fault that your monthly payment went up, perhaps you should talk to your insurance company or tax collector about what caused the escrow to increase. it's not cenlar's fault that it's taking us longer than two weeks to review you for a modification - maybe talk to every single american citizen who is perfectly able to afford their home and wasting our time by sending in workout packages because they think that they can get a lower monthly payment.

i hate to say it, but your "class action lawsuits" probably won't get anywhere. we did you a favor by not assessing any late charges, phone pay fees or online payment fees for the first two years that we had your loan. it has been a standard practice of ours to do that for every other loan in the system. if you think these charges are fraudulent, it is your own fault for not reading what you sign.

i'm sure that i am going to get ripped a new one for posting this. i am just sick and tired of people blaming the company that bailed out their previous (failing, bankrupt, FRAUDULENT - yes, the FBI shut them down) company. i happen to be very proud to work for cenlar and unless you can redirect the blame about whatever complaints that you have, you are forever doomed to complaining about a perfectly legitimate company on the internet.

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All I can say about Cenlar FSB is in our case they got caught red handed with multiple violations of the RESPA Act, open shut consumer fruad case. Our team consists of 5 high profile attorneys, in local, state, and Federal court and is starring down the barrel of multiple lawsuits for a total of 4.5m.

Chances are high that if they are servicing your mortgage, you might want to look into if they violated the RESPA Act. I can't say any more then that.


I am stuck with Cenlar and they are a dis-honest company


Not all customers come from bankrupt companies or asking for modification.


It is Cenlars fault that you have crappie service. Cellar did not have the bail Citi-Mortgage out of their mess.

Cenlar could have turned it down, but they didn’t, cause they want take money from their customers. They claim the first payment I made to them wasn’t made. Now I have to go back and prove that I made my payment, cause they either pocked it or don’t know what they’re doing. So stop blaming your problems on the customers.

Cenlar has kept my banking information on file also, when I’m not signed up for automatic payments. When I go online to make my June payment, my banking info is already there. They charged me two payments, and I tried to cancel it, the cancel button don’t work. The payment listed pending before I even finish processing the payment.

Now I got call them to try and get my money back, or report a fraudulent action to my bank.

I will be refinancing with someone else soon. Two months with them, they are GARBAGE.

P. D

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. No wonder they have only 1 star in online reviews.

I would give them a zero were it possible and I'm sure many others would as well. When the Citimortgage account for my late father's co-op was transferred to them, I tried in advance to prevent a payment issue. They ended up processing two payments for the first month, and when I tried to call to resolve this, was told they couldn't give me any account information, even though I am the executor for his estate. Waited for a supervisor (Stacy G.) who was officious and no help whatsoever.

Tried to get a name to forward my father's death certificate to, but they won't give out any names. I requested the name of the company's CEO so I could send a letter of complaint and was refused this information. Found out online it is Gregory S.

Tornquist. The corporate headquarters for Cenlar is: 425 Phillips Boulevard, Ewing, New Jersey 08618.


Typical customer service representative for Cenlar who does not care about people but would send us all to debtors prison or through a cattle shoot to be butchered.


Wow ! This employee posted long ago!

The company only got worse ! Be surprised if still has a job with Cenlar! Hope going out of business !!

You want to know Law Firm representing Cenlar ?? Big $$$$ firm in Atlanta !!


Can anyone recommend a good Wrongful foreclosure Atty??


CFPB file complaints with them! Super easy!!


The worst company to have a mortgage with , hate it ,no calls from supervisors returned,they lie and scam people they say the called back and never did ,sat on my money for four months so far and still no resolution .SCAM ....


Dude. I've never been late on a payment and would lovvve to move on from Cenlar.

Try to find the login page! Here's the top google result: It returns a screen that has the same menu bar as the rest of the site, "Borrower Log-In" in big letters and ... nothing else. Or, when you get timed out and logged out?

It says "Ooops! We are unable to process your request. Please login to view your account information" and has a footer bar that says Loan Portal and ... nothing else.

Log in how?? There's nowhere to type in your info. Once you get logged in, try to set up automatic payments.

The ACH page has been out of order for 2 weeks. I mean, these aren't like advanced features.

@C K

Just so you know. Cenlar is servicing the loan .they are only doing what your actual mortgage company tells them.

Read your papers then scream on them. Cenlar is not creating loans they just manage them for another company so they don't have to talk to you all.


That is not true "just so you know". There is a lot of info they must give By Law even though they are just servicing the loan. please know what you are talking about before posting and wasting peoples time


Yeah, well I contacted Citimortgage and they passed the buck back to Cenlar and said they have no claims on monies on my account anymore. I don't know who if anyone to believe. All I know is I loved Citimorgage never had any problems and now I have a escrow that is 3x my land taxes and they refuse to take it off and I get a different answer every time I call.


I read on line the due to unfair foreclosures by remortgage they were forced to turn all loans over to cenlar.


This is actually true

@C K

It's still out


Currently fighting wrongful foreclosure and a piling amount of fees because this company would rather profit off my newly renovated home in an up and coming area (I say those things only point out profit potential) than admit to many employees repeatedly failing to provide the correct information needed to accept and pay back hurricane assistance (even after asking specifically and confirming with different employees). I don’t understand how many employees could be armed with the same false information without a larger scam going on.

Many others are experiencing the same thing. I may lose my home and thousands of dollars because of mistakes made by this company. I was never part of the other company, nor did I have a choice in this one. I will not be held at the mercy of this big bank.Not to mention, I have since confirmed with bank employees that the bank did not attempt to notify us about the foreclosure till a month after our home was in active foreclosure.

Even as we were constantly on then phone trying to get them to accept our payments during that time. They are required to tell you at every communication when your home is in foreclosure.

We are now 7 months behind because they have taken their time in helping us and we lost a month of that time due to their failure to notify us.So I’d like to ask the author of this letter: is it up to the customers to pay for the companies decision to expand and illegal practices? I’m sorry you have a tough time at work, but this company holds our homes, credit, and lives in their hands.


I am having same problem I am now 9 months behind , are you suing what are you doing? Would love to know.


Can you recommend an Atty??

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