first off, all of your complaints are misdirected. the majority of you are former TBW borrowers, no? your mortgage company was shut down by the FBI and forced in to bankruptcy. we had two weeks notice that about 250k loans were coming to our system. we hired hundreds of new hands during that time and trained them on the job. if you got poor customer service during that time frame, SORRY, we were expanding so that we can answer your phone calls.

it is not cenlar's fault that your payments went missing, blame the TBW bankruptcy. it's not cenlar's fault that your monthly payment went up, perhaps you should talk to your insurance company or tax collector about what caused the escrow to increase. it's not cenlar's fault that it's taking us longer than two weeks to review you for a modification - maybe talk to every single american citizen who is perfectly able to afford their home and wasting our time by sending in workout packages because they think that they can get a lower monthly payment.

i hate to say it, but your "class action lawsuits" probably won't get anywhere. we did you a favor by not assessing any late charges, phone pay fees or online payment fees for the first two years that we had your loan. it has been a standard practice of ours to do that for every other loan in the system. if you think these charges are fraudulent, it is your own fault for not reading what you sign.

i'm sure that i am going to get ripped a new one for posting this. i am just sick and tired of people blaming the company that bailed out their previous (failing, bankrupt, FRAUDULENT - yes, the FBI shut them down) company. i happen to be very proud to work for cenlar and unless you can redirect the blame about whatever complaints that you have, you are forever doomed to complaining about a perfectly legitimate company on the internet.

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Wow ! This employee posted long ago!

The company only got worse ! Be surprised if still has a job with Cenlar! Hope going out of business !!

You want to know Law Firm representing Cenlar ?? Big $$$$ firm in Atlanta !!


Can anyone recommend a good Wrongful foreclosure Atty??


CFPB file complaints with them! Super easy!!


The worst company to have a mortgage with , hate it ,no calls from supervisors returned,they lie and scam people they say the called back and never did ,sat on my money for four months so far and still no resolution .SCAM ....


Dude. I've never been late on a payment and would lovvve to move on from Cenlar.

Try to find the login page! Here's the top google result: https://www.cenlar.com/contact-us/borrower-log-in/ It returns a screen that has the same menu bar as the rest of the site, "Borrower Log-In" in big letters and ... nothing else. Or, when you get timed out and logged out?

It says "Ooops! We are unable to process your request. Please login to view your account information" and has a footer bar that says Loan Portal and ... nothing else.

Log in how?? There's nowhere to type in your info. Once you get logged in, try to set up automatic payments.

The ACH page has been out of order for 2 weeks. I mean, these aren't like advanced features.


Currently fighting wrongful foreclosure and a piling amount of fees because this company would rather profit off my newly renovated home in an up and coming area (I say those things only point out profit potential) than admit to many employees repeatedly failing to provide the correct information needed to accept and pay back hurricane assistance (even after asking specifically and confirming with different employees). I don’t understand how many employees could be armed with the same false information without a larger scam going on.

Many others are experiencing the same thing. I may lose my home and thousands of dollars because of mistakes made by this company. I was never part of the other company, nor did I have a choice in this one. I will not be held at the mercy of this big bank.Not to mention, I have since confirmed with bank employees that the bank did not attempt to notify us about the foreclosure till a month after our home was in active foreclosure.

Even as we were constantly on then phone trying to get them to accept our payments during that time. They are required to tell you at every communication when your home is in foreclosure.

We are now 7 months behind because they have taken their time in helping us and we lost a month of that time due to their failure to notify us.So I’d like to ask the author of this letter: is it up to the customers to pay for the companies decision to expand and illegal practices? I’m sorry you have a tough time at work, but this company holds our homes, credit, and lives in their hands.

to Jjw #1572361

I am having same problem I am now 9 months behind , are you suing what are you doing? Would love to know.

to Jjw #1584916

Can you recommend an Atty??


Yeah, they slapped some insurance bullsht policy on my home for like $500 a month? Even though I proved I was paying another insurance company $140/month, then Cenlar destroyed my credit by saying my "payment" (EXTORTION) was late, even though I never ever missed one house payment, not one.


Funny because Cenlar was actually ripping people off by colluding with an insurance co to force higher rates on customers and give Cenlar a cut of the money. This is illegal. The class action suit went in favor of the customers because of illegal activity; because of fraudulent activity.


Cenlar is completely incompetent at customer service or mortgage servicing for that matter. They are the most unprofessional ‘bank’ I’ve ever seen.

This letter from someone who works there proves that. They are the biggest scammers or just unknowledgable idiots there are. They have 0 interest what so ever in customer service. Their only concern is the big banks who feed them these mortgages.

Some of their practices are predatory, bullying, and do not fully comply with federal guidelines which often finds them at the receiving end of lawsuits by consumers. Stay clear of this company or you will have to deal with people like the incompetent one who wrote this letter


CENLAR??? Proud?

They ripped me off for years until I "woke up" and decided to not take their lying and scheming anymore.I would never say I am proud to work for such liars UNLESS I was one myself. Just Saying...

to Debbiein27504 #1438716

Also, I was never late on my payments...NOT ONCE! But they tried to scam me into paying double payments more than once - they wouldn't even look at my receipts UNTIL..I got my attorney involved.

Now they are looking.

And looking...and looking!Don't think a lawsuit will go anywhere? LOL W-A-T-C-H!


"Proud???" You're proud of your company? Boy, someone LOVES Kool-Aid, don't they?Yet it's not our fault your company takes TWO YEARS to assess taxes on a home, then cries "default!" causing us to go nine grand in the hole with escrow.

THAT IS NOT THE CONSUMERS JOB.Your company is set on targeting homes with equity, clearly.Please for the love of God, go find a job at the DMV - you're indifference will fit right in there just fine. Leave your wqork to people that actually want to help people and not screw them out of their life's work.


Naw, Cenlar is incompetent.

I couldn't get a person on the phone that could complete the simplest of tasks. They failed to pay my insurance and was about to apply their expensive default insurance on me - a scam if you ask me.

I wouldn't have even known if my insurance agent wouldn't have called me. I spent three weeks trying to get those fools to pay my insurance bill, I ended up having to pay it myself.

I am now in the middle of a struggle trying to get them to send me a check. they mailed it to the wrong place.

It should be criminal to act like this.


I’m sick to death of your sorry *** company sending thugs to my door acting like they are doing inspections, That I’ve never been made aware of, caring paperwork saying I requested possible loan work out information, which I never did, and then charging me for the ***! Your company deserves to burn to the ground! My account is paid up, and the next one you sent to my door will catch a bullet !

to Amanda #1410529

YES I agree with you Amanda! As an American, I don't think the mortgage company should direct strangers to climb fences and sneak around the property that we are "buying" to take pictures. We are not having parties and tearing it up, we are just behind due to simple loss of income.

to Bullet Moore #1410788

I am living in my home and maintaining my home as such. My home is not being torn up and I don't think they should keep sending someone to my home like that and charging me for it simply because I lost my income and now trying to play catch up. They take way longer to process loan workout paperwork and never got back with me I had to keep calling to see what's going on and low an behold they need more documents even though I sent items to suffice their request.


While there may be such cases as the ones where insurance increases or their escrow has been increased for one reason or another ... there are also hard working people whose loans were sold to Cenlar without warning, consent, or time to do 'research' as the payee's aren't the powers that be.

I understand your point of view, however, Cenlar, as a company, done some pretty shady things ... some of which I am in the throws of now. Unfortunately, most times in this company, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing which is why so many people are getting taken advantage of and screwed. In addition, some of the banking practices of Cenlar are entrapment for those who are struggling.

For instance, deliberately holding a certified check for 6+ weeks because they "didn't know what to do with it" eventhough the loan number and name were listed. Or possibly the fact that all of the letters coming from Cenlar only allow 14 days for responses when they back date those letters 12 days before sending them. Or even the lack of cooperation and illegal hiding of full detailed accounts which have fees and penalties that are grounds for an 'outrage' lawsuit. Because of the games that are being played by Cenlar with the consumer, emotional pain an distress are inflicted for long periods of time.

Due to business practices, the true people who need loan modifications actually help Cenlar minimize their losses with foreclosures and short-sales. These types of practices are unethical and need to be investigated.

Hightstown, New Jersey, United States #1283766

Awesome about time someone represents the company. People really need to read docs.

Before they sign them especially when purchasing a home. And not call in to their mortgage company to complain about monthly payment increase due to their escrow change based on their insurance rates or taxes being reassessed after their purchase of said home.

Buyers should do their research. Being a homeowner is a huge responsibility to take own.

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