Tupelo, Mississippi
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This is the worst company...absolutely --No one to talk to when you call. You can get no customer service help at all.

My taxes are not even in with my loan and they have added them in more than doubling my house payment. It is impossible to work with this company. My payment went through my bank on 3/1 and they didn't post it until 3/18. Is there anyone out there who has information on a class action lawsuit?

Is there any way the government will help us on this???? I'm trying to survive but with them it is going to be impossible.

Has anyone else received this type of treatment? Why won't they work with you if you are trying to pay your mortgage?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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First things first... send certified return receipt letter with copy of paid taxes from last year. You have the RIGHT to pay your own taxes/insurance and NOT set up an escrow(aless you have a HUD or is in ur mtg)

By Cenlar NOT acknowledging receipt of mail, faxes or having their "yes people" in India,Cenlar continues to send their threatening letters stating they have not received notificacation of PAID taxes, forcing thousands of individuals into escrow accounts.If you paid your taxes last year...send documentation and QUIT paying more...ask for refend.Join CLASS ACTION SUIT. cbhart21@yahoo.com


609)718-2432 Trenton, NJ

(609)718-1606 fax "Aron"

866-224-0136(tell them you want "Aaron" or Customer service in NJ)

Real USA customer service, only took 2 letters 15 faxes, 8 calls threatening legal action. Finally sending today certified return receipt letter from PO to be able to persue CLASS ACTION due to being threatened over escrow account.

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