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Our mortgage was sold to CENLAR on Feb 3, 2014. On Feb 5 I sent our Feb payment by overnight Fed-Ex and received confirmation from Fed-Ex that the package had been received and signed for at CENLAR on Feb 6.

CENLAR denies it was received! I have followed up with them 6 times and never received a response as to where my check is (it cost me $15 to send that payment by Fed-Ex) and all they can say to me is cancel the check and pay online. Guess what, their online system won't let me make a payment! I have never had a late mortgage payment and it seems that CENLAR are about as inept as it gets and are deliberately making it difficult for me to make a payment.

They also had our mortgage insurance information incorrect in their system, alleging that it was due to expire in 2/14 when in fact we had made that payment and it is due again in 2/15. They also have not correctly recorded our PMI payments, alleging that the last payment was made in Dec 2013 when in fact our prior mortgage loan servicing company made a payment on 1/31/2014 (We have an escrow account). I am at my wits end trying to sort out this fiasco - and still 3 weeks after sending a payment, it has not been credited to my account. If I stop that check it will have cost me $30 to try and make a payment - it's like CENRALR is doing everything it can to not let me make a payment and then screw with me and my good credit.

All that's left now is to call them and make payment by phone which I know I will have to do but it stinks to high heaven that no one is taking accountability for this unsatisfactory level of service. Most of my online and email questions to them have gone unanswered and those which were answered simply gave a canned response of "pay online or by phone"!

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Please contact me through my e-mail viriloewy@gmail.com. They have done worse to my family and I.

I am taking action and I am asking anyone that wants to join me in my fight against Cenlar. It's time someone stops them.


so I initiated an automatic payment from my bank at the end of February and lo and behold the very next day it was paid, they cashed my check, so essentially I made 2 payments from our bank account (totaling $8200) in the space of 2 days! I think they assumed that there would be insufficient funds in my account and they would be able to manipulate a negative situation for us - but that strategy failed.

Next I discovered they were trying to tell us our insurance wasn't paid when in fact it was paid in full for one year one month before the loan was sold! Then I discovered they hadn't paid our PMI for February AND March! Now they're trying to increase out monthly payment by $600 because they say our fixed rate loan didn't include property taxes (which it always has!).

They are saying that our property taxes are double what they actually are. I have notified them that we will be paying our fixed monthly payment as usual and that they have one final attempt to rectify our account or I will be initiating a class action lawsuit - since all these events seem to be a pattern of behavior!


We are reporting them to our state attorney general

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