Jonesboro, Arkansas

they sent me an escrow statement showing that county taxes would be $2441

this year.i looked at my previous tax records and saw that being over 65

that my taxes were locked in at $588.i checked with my tax accessor ang found this to be true.when i called cenlars customers service number i

knew it wasn't going to go do people in INDIA being to understand what i wanted when they don't speak very good english much less understand

term i use no matter how much training they go through. The lady that i

talked to appeared to not understand what i was saying and wanted. i tryed

to speak slowly and plainly as i could to her.All she would tell me to sent documents. what kind i didn't know as i was getting preety frustrated

at that point.So i picked the papers that my tax collector need and sent

them over night mail to cenlars office in SAINT PAUL,MN.The post office

didn't let me know cenlar received it like i paid $18 for but that's

another story.i called india again but the next joker i got couldn't

hepl me neither. so i'm going to that faxing a letter to cenlars office

hopefully in SAINT PAUL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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We are also being given the run around over our property taxes. We received a letter in JULY 2010 from Cenlar - saying our escrow account had been reviewed...and that there was shortage!

What? Who's property values have not gone DOWN in Michigan?? After verifying with our local township government - CENLAR WAS STILL USING THE 2009 valuation! EVERYONE WATCH THEM!!!

THIS WAS OVER $800 THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN OUR POCKET - NOT THEIRS! I've been in contact with their "customer service" for 6 weeks now - and it is still not corrected.


cenlar doesn't have offices in St Paul MN

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