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Had our account go into the negative by over $5000!!! Cuz they did not acess wht we shouldve had pulled for escrow originally!

($70!—niave we didnt have a clue and frankly thts not our job to figure out!). Anyways we got the funds to get it out of negative which was a total of $11,900! Now the funds went into all dif sections and its all funked up! Ive called multiple times and now we got a deliquent notice and it says we owe $5,750!?!??

Wtf is going on over there? I want to refinance so bad tht im praying our loan gets sold to a dif company every day!!! Plz lord get us away from Cenlar! Customer service people have all been friendly, thts not my issue is who the *** is running that ship?

Cuz the computer program is jacked up.

If u have a choice choose a dif company (not Chase) to manage ur loan! Cuz now im pretty sure we are gonna have to hire a lawyer to sort this mess out cuz im about to refuse to psy them anything else till they gt it fixed!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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The reason that they so not assess correctly is because the county tax assesor and the insurance companies do not have the total to be pain until the bill is released. This causes a shortage in the account because they take the previous physical year and project it for the up coming year to get as close as possible.

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