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I was once a TB&W costumer as well. Never had any problems with them.

I didn't ask for cenlar to take over my loan. Long story short, Cenlar is taking my payments, cashing the checks and not applying the payments to my loan, are they pocketing the money? They keep telling me that I never made my last payment to TB&W which has been almost a year now, which I did and have the cancelled checks. They are stating that there are only patments I haven't made which I have cancelled checks for as well.

I have faxed them the proof over and over but yet they still are sending me certified letters telling me they are going to foreclose.

They do not call back when they say they will, they do not pay taxes on time and now the newest thing...since they haven't applied my payments they are showing a deficit in my escrow and now my payment has gone up over $100.00. They have completely ruined my credit so I can't refinance because it shows that I am more than 3 payments behind. I have told them every time I have talked to them that I have the proof in my hand that I have made my payments yet they keep saying that I didn't make them. I know I won't get any of the escrow problem resolved before October when my payments i supposed to go up.

What do I do?

I am going to contact a lawyer. Nobody should have to go through any of this!!

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YEs they are probably pocketing your money. I like so many others had the same issues with Cenlar after TB&W.

They actually did not pay our taxes for a year on top of numerous other issues. I can't tell you how many hours and days I worked getting proof together about our escrow and taxes, only to have a customer service rep tell me and I quote" Yeah, it looks like $1800 is missing somewhere, but good luck getting it back your dealing with the government now". He then followed with your mortgage is going up $300 to cover the shortage in your escrow. It is a hopless feeling fighting these people and no one on a higher level seems to care that 1000's of people are being ripped off by this company.

The feds may have shut down TB&W, but Cenlar is just as if not more crooked ....where are the feds now.

It has taken a few years but we are actually signing refinance papers tonight, and getting away from this company...Thank you JESUS. Good luck to all.


I to was in the same situation as many of the other posts..."missed payments, they cashed a check and then said I did not pay??, and not I filed a claim from my insurance company (USAA=GOOD). CENLAR refused to send me the REQUIRED papers to sign and send back with a $5500 check.

The check was endorsed by my wife and myself, paper work signed, everything was wrapped up neat and sent overnight. the package was sent to my contractor (with the check)because he forgot to sign something. Good thing my contractor is honest and told me what happened instead of signing the check and scamming everyone. After he overnighted the package back, they sent it to me?!?

because the check was not signed?????THE CHECK WAS SIGNED!!! exept by them? It is definatly time to find a new company. No results of the 10 times I called, NOT WILLING TO HELP A PAYING CUSTOMER.

Maybe ENRON would rather have by business. Atleast I know where my money would be going...Good luck to everyone else


there are just hundreds and hundreds of complaints on the computer against Cenlar!!! Here is a suggestion that worked for me when I had a problem with a major company years ago.

They would not straighten out a situation that was of their doing and I repeatedly called and wrote to them. I finally told them that I was going to come to their headquarters with a group of complaintants carrying picket signs stating how we were being treated to march in front of their offices. We were also going to notify the press and the local TV stations in advance of our march. My problem was solved within a day!!!

Perhaps we can pick a date and converge on CENLAR! Would like your comments!


i believe you. i think the same too, they are pocketing the money.

please update us. thanks.


Here is an update, I have contacted my State's Attorney General's office, the Federal Trade Commission, the Comptroller of Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision which is part of the US Treasury, the Better Business Bureau, and the CBS News Investigative Team. I'm not screwing around with these people anymore.

One thing I forgot to mention in some of my complaints is that they have sent someone to my home a few months ago to put a note on my door to contact them.

That was waaayyy out of line, no excuse for that. I'll let you all know what happens with everyone I've contacted.


Thanks "Oh No" and "Kristin" for your support. I, too, am one of those people that cannot stand it when people run to a lawyer for everything and I try to avoid that in any situation, but I think in this case it has some merit.

I got on a bunch of other sites today re: this mortgage company and there are sooo many people going through the same thing or worse and it terrifies me. But thanks again for your comments.


I can certainly see why you are mad (probably an understatement). You really need to contact a lawyer!!

If you have proof, it should be an easy case. Please update us!


I am not a big advocate of people calling lawyers everytime they feel effed over but in your case, call one! That is obvious fraud. You have proof that you made the payments they should honor that.

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