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Cenlar is the WORSE bank ever, they should not be called a bank they should even be able t deal with peoples money/mortgages etc. Either they have the most incompetent people working there or they are on purpose trying to *** off every customer who was unlucky enough to be bought out by them.

We re-financed our home and Cenlar bought off the mortgage, unlucky for us. The agreement of our mortgage was that we will pay our taxes to the bank and the bank will pay our taxed to the county twice a year, we have done this before and it was ever an issue, again it was never Cenlar.

Now the rates are even lower, so we decided to re-fi, little do we know that Cenlar has failed to pay our taxes and they have penalties accumulating from April. They never notified us, or called us to inform us that they had an issue with locating my tax form or anything else.

Its been 2.5 weeks and about a dozen phone calls with hours of hold time, and they can’t get their *** together to pay my taxes, they requested that we send them the most recent bill with all the penalties and they would take care of it with 48hrs, and of course would take on all the penalties. Well when we sent them the updates statement, they paid the wrong amount. Now I can’t re-fi and leave this “Bank”, because they can’t pay what they owe to my county.

If anyone has a choice NEVER NEVER EVER go with Cenlar, they have the most incompetent, unorganized, unaccommodating people working for them with the most ridiculous guidelines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: incompetancy.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Cenlar Cons: Completely useless, Non payment of escrow refund, Gave 1 star because no zero option.

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CENLAR is not a bank. They are one of two biggest mortgage servicing company in this country.

If you were to refinance, pretty good chance you end up back with CENLAR or the other big servicing company. Banks that actually hold your mortgage usually don't service it themselves.

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