I am like many other "victims" in the Cenlar saga!!! Our loan was with TBW & since Cenlar took over we have had nothing but trouble with them.

They promised to send a payment book & to date we have NOT gotten that & this month they never even sent us a statement coupon & my payment was due November 1st. I guess we have to take all the responsibility & do everything ourselves but then I don't have any way to track my payment to them. I think they are just hoping people won't make their payments then they can FORECLOSE on all these loans!!! We have phoned them & I have e-mailed them & still NOTHING!!!

What in the world is going on with them?

My credit is spotless but this is making it very difficult to make payments on time & be sure they are getting them & crediting them to your account!!! I am NOT happy at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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