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I represent a borrower with a great case against the banks. I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences with CENLAR to support her case.

She was making timely payments until TB&W rejected her payment one month and her loan was acquired by CENLAR. She could never get a hold of a customer service rep to make sure CENLAR was a legitimate company because their automated phone system always hung up on her. After 5 months, her loan was sold to Ocwen Loan Servicing. They demanded she pay over 15k (far more than what she owed) and refused to accept anything less.

If you have had similar problems with CENLAR, TB&W or Ocwen I would love to hear form you!

My number is (916)594-7241 or (877)992-5291.

- Heidi Raveling

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You can call me if u would like 6785221741 I had a mortgage with cenlar filed multiple applications for hardship to decrease payment due to a child diagnosed with disability they continued to deny me until home foreclosed


Cenlar has called me every day since last week regarding a loan I've had since 2003. Crescent Mortgage (the original loan company) never called me.

The mortgage is always paid though sometimes it is late. However, the loan is up-to-date since 2003.

I called Crescent Mortgage and Cenlar today to complain. I was told that I would need to send a "cease and desist" letter. This is absolutely false.

So, go ahead and sue them. I for one will be happy to testify as to how many years of hard work, doing without, etc.

have gone into paying this loan. To be treated like this when the loan has been current for 10 years is downright shameful on their part.


Cenlar Will screw up any DDD thing THey touch.

Please help me get Another loan Service Provider, sense FREDDFFF gave my loan too this

Misfit company i have Nothing but TBOUBLE, TROUBLE . THERE PURPOSE IS too make Money" VIA" DROPing the Ball and Blame it on some one Else.

The are MASTERs, AUDIT THE BOOKs And SEE. I will report this to OHIO "AG"


Another Cenlar story wondering if someone can help me with this one. Cenlar took over my mortgage from TB&W in the process Cenlar was given the wrong property address.

I guess Cenlar decided to perform an inspection on the wrong property and noticed it was vacant so Cenlar cancelled my property insurance with statefarm. In the meantime I have a building with no insurance but of course cenlar has been taking my full payments....


At the fall of TBW, CENLAR acquired our loan. We have had nothing but problems with them.

At one point they were calling my home a couple nights a week at 1100pm due to a administrative error on their part for Escrow payments. Be happy to share my issues with a lawsuit


i have copies of numerous correspondence with Cenlar surprisingly, or not letters they send me arrive in 2 to 4 days but payments mailed to them are 10 to 14 days.

they have 3 times tried to raise the interest rate because they might get away with it and regularly fail to credit full payments. I recently received a sizable refund after monthly complaints, copies front and back of 16 checks etc


I have never had a problem with my house payment until Chase took over my bank and CENLAR took over TBW. We have been paying on this house for 15 years.

No problem until June 2011 when my online bill pay from Chase supposedly never arrived at CENLAR. When I finally realized that this daily call that I would call back and be put on hold (thus I hung up assuming it was a solicitor) was actually about the house payment I contacted the back, cancelled the online payment, send the one for July and am waiting for Chase to put the money back into my account ("which can take up to 5 business days") to cover it being resent, before requisitioning another payment.

I thought we were good. Today I get a default letter threatening me. It states "A property inspection may be preformed if your loan payment become 30 days or more delinquent" and "said inspection will be due and payable upon reinstatement". WTH is this?

Fifteen years of making payments and one missing payment that WAS paid and I sent a PDF of the proof showing it, and CENLAR is bullying me about this payment with threats? I thought bullying was against the law?

This truly ticks me off! javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


just another thought if there are estimated at the least 50,000,000 homes with an average of 300,000.00 profit made off the loans each it would be in the best interests of us we the people u.s government to scoop up all the mortgage company's in the u.s starting with the biggest first all they had to do is audit them find 1 thing a little bit fraudulent and take them over example TBW cenlar is ran by government so no big deal ok so we owe the world 15 trillion bucks hummm do the math ther is your 15 trillion dollars owed and the u.s in 30 years is out of debt i hate to say it but its true :) have a nice day


hey dude ur not going to win cenlar is government operated and owned i am surely believing that all our loans will get sold to china basically its a legit way to pay off our debt with china i dont like it to much either but we are the people


When we signed our loan docs they only used my wifes info and left me off the loan. To make things worse I am the only person in the family with a job.

Cenlar is a joke. Oh an to top it off they put us in a neg am loan at the time and not an interest only 5/1. This was a few years ago.

Now we are pretty much screwed and Cenlar thinks they have done nothing wrong. I just dont want to lose our home but we are so upside down that I think it is going to happen.


Cenlar is terrible. We had a loan with TBW and were on the of the accelerated program, which Celar does not offer.

We had made all our payments and were up to date until Cenlar took over. Our September 2009 payment is tied up in bankruptcy court and Cenlar is trying to make us pay that payment again. By their books we are over 30 days late. This is not good for our credit or for our PMI.

I have faxed proof that the payment was made but they still send us letters stating that we are behind by a month and if we don't pay they will bring in an inspector to look at the house to make sure that it is kept up to the contractual agreement. They also keep calling our house on a daily basis.

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