Eugene, Oregon
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So, just what can be done with this company? I too have tried to contact them by phone, letter and e mail.

No response. They told me that my taxes went up on the house, and they had to charge me more per month the following year, or pay the shortage. I paid the shortage, and now they raised my payment any way. I have never in my life had such a bad company to work with.

It really is hard when they do not communicate with you. This needs to be fixed. ASAP.

We are now looking in to another company. I know it will cost be more money to re finance, but really, it will be so worth it.

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cenlar is the worst company I ever encountered. They have not reported any of my credit info to the credit bourghs. Every time I call I get someone in india and I can't understand them.I think they purposley hold your credit info so you can't get another loan from someone else to pay them off.

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