Please tell me if ANYONE knows about a law suit against CENLAR or anything that will TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO COURT or JAIL (in the USA,India)

I had to call,call,call and call to get back insurance money on my loan for my home

I had a TWB LOAN and these Butt Heads took it over and I now live in *** with problems with these Butt Heads

Let start talking about these Butt Heads on FACEBOOK,MYSPACE and other web sites and get a group of us to get these Butt Heads

Power To The People !o

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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Did you get a response regarding a Class Action suit against CELNAR? I also have a laundry list of issuse with CELNAR.

I cant refinace out of this bad loan due to their lack of Credit reporting. Grrr Please let me know if there is an attorney willing to take them on.


I agree let me know if you know anything , They have not reported my mortgage

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