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Taylor Bean and whittaker had our mortgage, sold to Cenlar-we get our monthly payment statement and it had a $773.00 amount to pay for April 1/2012, all along we have been paying $820.00-we called them and the guy on the phone that we couldn't understand because his language was hard to understand-he said that actually we have to pay $950.00 ! (what?!) after many minutes of aggravation-he said it was because LAST year, our escrow was behind because our taxes went up-REALLY???

Last year???? what a bunch of bone heads...we got off the phone, dropped a few f bombs, called another Mortgage and am quickly getting the *** out from under them!

We will be re-financing soon! STAY AWAW FROM THIS COMPANY-I can't even get signed on to their website-it also screws us around!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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taxes went up slightly but insurance went down significantly-still boneheads-we are refinancing as we speak to a LOCAL and AMERICAN speaking company


I don't have a mortgage with Cenlar, but have had many mortgages in the past. You should have received a copy of your tax bill.

If the taxes went up the year before and your mortgage payment did not, the increase in your escrow payment should not come as a surprise. The fact that the lender allows you to pay the shortage over time means they paid the tax bill in full when it was due and are letting you pay it back gradually without charging any interest on the amount the fronted to the county for your tax bill.

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