Kenosha, Wisconsin

Celnal unilaterally jack up my loan for $200/month! Thir explanation is that when loan was transfered to them from original lender (Home Savings of America) in June this year they cannot find proof of insurance for period April 2011 to June 2011 and decided to impose retroactve policy of $2400.

Of cours eae had insurance (nobody will originate loan w/o insurance), period they talking is first two months of loan which was originated in April 2012. After spending more than two hours on phone with somebody who speek broken English and put me on hold 10 times he come to conclussion that they have to "recalculate" my loan again and I have to send them proof of insurance for period which is 15 monts past?!

This is sample of loan shark or organized gouging of unprotected customer. What can I do now?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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I work for a personal insurance company and we often receive requests to furnish evidence of insurance to our customers or their bank to prove that insurance was in force. The best course of action is to simply send them a copy of your insurance documentation for that time period and they will remove the force-placed insurance. If you did not have insurance during that time then unfortunately you're subject to the quite expensive insurance policy that they obtained for you during that period of time.


try calling 609 883 3900. i found this main office number thru better business bureau...hope it helps

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