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Their excuse? Taylor, Bean & Whittaker, my now-bankrupt former lender, under-estimated my property taxes, so my escrow amount was "re-evaluated" temporarily until a new "re-evaluation" to occur in May.

All I get from these jokers is horrible, condescending so-called customer service, insane hikes in my mortgage payments, and letters demanding the same insurance info that I've already provided to TBW when they assumed my loan.

Do they have the right to bloat my loan by this insane amount? My original monthly payment was $559, now is $895!!!

Did Mac & Mae do any homework before awarding them the privilege of handling all these loans? If these fools are wrong in "re-assessing" my escrow, what redress do I have?? Who can audit these idiots & sue them???

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My tax records show late payments and late fees added every tax payment cycle. I've had several escrow anaylsis this year alone with payments going up over 100 each time.

Whats really sad is thanks to amoritization the bank has put 60,000 into their pockets just 7000 has come off my principle the last 3 years.

I'm ready to have bad credit for the next 10 years this is a crime! I truly think the banks / government is intentionally running people out of their homes!


They said that in order to get caught up on my mortgage, I needed to pay 3,600.00. So, I raided my savings account and paid it.

Then they raised my payment 150.00. If I couldn't pay the 3500.00, they were going to raise my mortagage $400.

So, who is worse, TBW for going belly up or Cenlar? What can you do?


I'm in the same boat! They are requiring I send them $1244 or my payment is going up $150 a month!!!

My taxes and insurance are barely that much for one year. I figure I can pay my own taxes and insurance and not have to come up with that much money all at once. I am currently trying to get out of my escrow. I can't afford to pay $150 extra a month!!!

I try talking to the customer service.....what a JOKE! I was better off when TB&W had my loan.

I never had trouble with them. I usually even got a check each year for escrow surplus.


Here is who you need to contact besides your State Attorney General;

Phone: 1.877.FTC.HELP (1.877.382.4357) or 1.202.326.2222

TTY: 1.866.653.4261

Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20580


Well, I see that my complaint got 46 hits out of other pissed-off consumers, to do with that Cenlar mess -- increasingly popular, aren't they? Please see the steps I'm taking to protect myself, in a new complaint entry re: Cenlar.


I just experienced the same thing. they hiked my mortgage payment of $430.

to $590. by mismanaging my escrow. This is a scam. I don't know what to do.

I've tried speaking to 2 representatives, one of which hung up on me. I am fed up with companies getting away with robbery and nobody doing anything about it. It is not my fault that they cannot manage my loan under the agreements that I signed.

What do I do? Help...

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