Plano, Texas

I have lodged a complaint with the Federal Office of Thrift Supervision (which is who regulates Cenlar) and I suggest everyone else does the same.

Their website is:

I hope that if they see the shear numbers of complaints coming in, something is more likely to be done about the situation with Cenlar.

Looks like I am one of a number of people having an issue with Cenlar not applying a payment that I made to TBW during the time Cenlar was taking over and before we were notified of the switch. Even after showing proof of all payments made timely they are still requesting the money and have now accessed us with a 30 day late payment. I used to be a loan officer and I can attest that TBW only worked with A+ borrowers. I believe Cenlar never received monies due to them from TBW and are now just trying to collect that money from the borrowers because they know they are not going to get it from TBW.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I am having the same problem. These people are defrauding us.


What did you find out? I'm having the same problem, my 2009 payment still hasn't been applied . Please let me know

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