Norcross, Georgia

Have not been happy with Cenlar since they took over TBW mortgage several years ago. the online fees for paying them electronically, no customer support when I call, and now harassing calls.

I haven't had a late payment in 6+years with them, and are actually paid ahead on our principal.

I called them BEFORE my payment was due and told them that I was refinancing, and closing this month, so would not be making a payment or my closing paperwork would be messed up. Guess what - still calling me daily. Still sending me notices that my payment is late - no kidding, you mean that payment I said I wasn't sending you because you are being paid in full hasn't gotten there? REALLY?

AMAZING. They told me it would take 3 days to stop the calls. 10 days later...still getting calls!!!

And then, I see these 2 "other" fees listed on my account for $5.00 each. What is that?

OH they charged ME $5.00 a piece to send payoff information for the refinance?

Money grubbing unethical business and I am SO HAPPY that I won't have to deal with them any more!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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