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As a 38 year old professional who's dealt with hundreds of company's Cenlar takes the cake for worst run company and customer service. The worst managed company with awful customer service.

Long story short they brought my mortgage loan from another bank, then for the next nightmare 1.5 years claimed i owed them a payment i made to the previous bank. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING THE FOLLOWING I PROMISE YOU... 1. Took over 1.5 years to revolve 2.

I talked to no short of 25 different customer service reps and or 'managers' 3. Countless times i begged them to get the payment from the bank they JUST BOUGHT THE LOAN FROM. You would think a company that buys and sells loans would collect all the money from the bank theyre buying from. WRONG 4.

I even got managers from both banks on the same conference call to try to resolve. CENLAR still didnt help resolve, my previous bank was so helpful, CENLAR completely inept did not help 5. I was close to getting a lawyer at this point since over a 1000 dollars CENLAR was claiming in late charges i owed them and it was negatively impacting my credit because CENLAR was saying i was default. 6.

The only thing that saved me from this awful company was i finally called the OCC which is a govt agency that helps consumers with banks.

All of a sudden a few months of contacting the OCC did i receive a letter from CENLAR apologizing and waving all late charges Completely mismanaged inept company who i would NEVER use as a loan servicer. EVER, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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