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I know if you are having problems like I have been experiencing then there is probably fraud taking place. I am sick of it and the representatives working there. This is a fly by night company who is robbing the consumers of TB&W (Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker). They are trying to increase my fixed mortgage up to 40% higher than I ever agreed to. Please contact your State attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission to report your story because they will investigate.

Federal Trade Commission

600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20580

Phone: 1.877.FTC.HELP (1.877.382.4357) or 1.202.326.2222

TTY: 1.866.653.4261

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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Cenlar is a mess!!! How can they Harass and threaten active duty military deployment under SCRA and now send to their attorney that ain’t no help.

This place needs to be looked into before there are more victims. Been with Citi for over 10 years never any issues.


Cenlar's website is a confusing mess! I have to jump through hoops of fire every single month to make my mortgage payment online.

It's like a treasure hunt trying to find out where to make my monthly payment.

What should take a few moments takes me nearly an hour. I'm moving my loan to my bank, where I should have gotten my home loan in the first place.


Believe me CENLAR is not the only company abuses escrows. I had one mortgage company that TRIPLED my escrow for taxes because they simply could not believe I payed $750 ANNUALLY (of course that was many years ago).

Since then I have always refied to get rid of escrows.

As low as refi costs are that's a way to get rid of escrow headaches. The laws favor the mortgage companies; do yourself a favor and don't give them an escrow.


I see posts regarding escrow issues with CENLAR - but I wonder how many actually checked with their homeowners insurance carriers to see if the premiums had gone up (thus causing a shortage in the escrow account which, by law, cannot go in the negative). I also wonder how many had property taxes go up.

Between these two factors, escrow payments often have to go up.

This is not the fault of your mortgage company.

And as far as the comment that CENLAR failed to make their property tax payment, nearly forcing them into foreclosure - this is not possible. Your property MIGHT be (after a very extended time, including many warnings and notices from the County Tax Assessor office) sold at auction to pay a tax debt - but again, the mortgage handling company failing to make payment won't generally lead to anything like a foreclosure.


This is so true!! We bought our home two years ago and Cenlar has botched our Escrow every year to artaficialy inflate payments.


They have just been appointed my mortgage company, with all of these complaints I worry about them taking over? How do we the people go about getting a new mortgage company to service us and get away from corrupt companies like Cenlar as all of your comments refer to them as?


I'm starting a class action against them, not to get even; but to bring them to justice and to stop them from the fraud. If you're interested, please contact me.

mariaceliaruiz@hotmail.com. Our goal is to have at least 100.


Please contact me I have an intrest in this and have a story to tell that is still devoloping and is fraud.


Cenlar is a joke. The Lord will give me victory over them because I am filling a class action lawsuit against them.

They need to wake up and realize they are not above the law. With many people crying for justice over this company, I believe the people will win, God willing


have you started that class action if you did i will like to know i have my own story


I too am receiving a notice that I need to pay on a escrow shortage? I never had this problem, I was with Gilpin Mortgage who Cenlar bought, and ever since I have had nothing but problems with this Co..

How in God's name can there be a shortage since they took over, I just don't understand any of this, and then the also inform me that my Mortgage Payment is still going to increase after I pay what they want? Now I find out that if you pay this over the phone & talk to a Customer Service Rep that they charge an additional $5.00 I think that they are taking enough of OUR Money with all the comments below. I agree this is just a dang nightmare for US and something needs to be done about these people.

Being disabled on a fixed income I don't have this extra money that they want, so please someone out there investigate this Company and put a stop to all of this.


Hi, please email me because I just got a shortage from cenlat and after I pay the shortage my mortgage is still going up an extra $160 a month. Please let me know what happened with your situation.!!! At bigbaby710@gmail.com


Folks apparently don't realize that some of the biggest costs built in to your escrow fluctuate - and often increase. If your insurance rates go up (very common), then you will come up with a shortage in your escrow - so the mortgage company has to crank up your escrow payments to be sure the escrow balance never falls below zero.

We went through that last year - so we simply had our insurance agent shop our coverage and he found us a better rate.

So - after all was squared away, we received a refund of the over payment we made into escrow.

We didn't have to request it, it was just automatically sent out by CENLAR. We've had no issues.


This company is a JOKE! There is no info on the website, they locked my online account for no reason, no one returns calls or emails and now they are trying to foreclose on me saying I have missed 4 payments when in fact ia have missed ZERO!!

This is BS. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB which is going no where, next is the AGs office but I have a feeling becuase the process is already started they will be of zero help as well.

If I infact missed a payment why haven't they sent me any letters stating such? this is a *** joke and they need to be stopped!


We were with TBW and Cenlar took over our home mortgage. They did not pay our property taxes and because of them we almost went into foreclosure.

We had always paid on time and had never missed any payments. We now took the responsibility of the property taxes away from Cenlar and we pay them ourselves to make sure they get paid!!!

Keep your eyes open with this fraudulent company! :(


Cenlar has to be the worst company in the world,and I say world

because you usually have to deal with someone in another country that has a script to reply to your situation.Cenlars primary purpose is to give you the run around until you finally

give and go away.TB&W may have been crooks but they don't even come close to being compared to Cenlar when it comes to being

crooks.Our U S govt.chooses them to take over for TB&W,and now we know the real meaning of having a fox guarding the Hen house.Cenlar should be closed down TODAY.



I have tried for the past year to get a mortgage mod.but no such luck.If you call Cenlar to discuss your situation you will be talking to an agent in India who could care less.Cenlar is a useless company that the U S

has appointed to work with the American consumer.Wish our govt. would spend as much effort trying to help us as they spend trying to help the citizens of other country,but if they did they would have to do a complete reversal in the way they now operate.


Cenlar tired to take a 1870.00 payment out of my account and luckily there was not enough money in my account for them to get it. I called Cenlar and they said they had no record of them trying to get this money, so I went to the bank and they looked up the transaction code and they faxed a letter to them with this code that I wrote while at the bank.

They also faxed a copy of the insufficient funds statement from the bank. Well I called them back and was told that the letter with the code had come through but the statement about the over draft fee didn't. I told them the code is there but they still wouldn't check on this fraud without this other piece of paper that meant nothing. Now if you were a bank and you had a customer that told you an attempt to steal money out of an account was attempted and you had the transaction code right there, wouldn't you check this transaction number at once, because if they have no record of it being attempted then there would have been no record of it coming out.

But they acted like it was nothing and that I am supposed to do all the work to find out why this happened. I would not recommend Cenlar as a Mortgage company.


I am requesting my pmi be revoved. We just had a new appraisal done and the value came in at 300,000. please remove pmi.

Thank you

William P. Mistowski

mistowski@sbcglobal.net #0029396017


I agree. You had better hope that you do not need to file insurance claims money with them.

They use that money as long as they can and you are left making excuses to contractors about where the money is. Around here people like being paid upon completion of the job. Also tried the loan mod with them. They shredded my loan mod packet, told me not to resubmit it,because it would be rejected again and gave no reason for us not to be applicable.

Make copies of all dealings with these guys. In my opinion TBW was no way as bad as these guys. These folks really need to be investigated and everyone that has loans with them that had loans with companies that the government shut down should automatically qualify for loan mods. It really is a nightmare.

we are barely holding on and are fixing to put our home on the market.

God bless anyone else out there that has been put with these folks without a choice in the matter. We as Americans should of had a voice in where our mortgages went.

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