Framingham, Massachusetts
Not resolved

TBW sold my mortgage to Cenlar. They in turn put an escrow account against it, said it was to pay my property tax.

The town hall has no record of there payment. Well I want to there cancled check. On my first call I was told a wire transfer had been sent. My town doesn't accept wired money.

On to call 2 . Now the payment was suddenly a writen check. Well I want to see the cancled check. Call 3 The check was made out to a condo coplex some were .

So why am I being asked to payfor it. to sum up. I am shorting my payments to my original loan amount. After all I signed twenty pieces of paper to get it.

They raised the amount just because no one can stop them ?

The escrow account is still agianst my mortgage. I have yet to get an e mail of the cancled check.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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