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Cenlar failed to pay our home insurance premium in full and so we had to pay to keep insurance in force. Now that the mortgage is paid in full, they haven't refunded the balance of the escrow account. After numerous calls requesting this refund, we have experienced being disconnected, transferred to a fax machine, left on hold for more than an hour and had a csr state that their supervisor wouldn't be able to assist us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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The previous review is not a subjective opinion, not at all!!! I try to take a person for their word, lately I find that you really can't trust anyone but God.

I too am going through the same problem with escrow balance. No need to go into detail, but what I will say, evidently the leadership encourage or perhaps enforce their representatives to lie, stall, and deceive the customer. Initially I received 2 letters from my County Tax Office about Property Tax payment, now it was not late, however this company waits to the absolute last minute to send payments out. Finally sent to my tax office, and I still had a decent balance left over in which I requested to be sent to me.

Called 3 persons, got quiet a few rediculous excuses pertaining to why they could not send. "We are saving this money for next years taxes", "we owe this money to your tax office in March", "we require this amount to remain for next years taxes". BS, they keep your money, excess or not, simply to draw interest for at least 10-12 months to put in their pockets. Finally, after much *** raising, I got to speak to a SUPERVISOR, really!!!

Was informed that I had to reqest my refund in writing with signature.

Never heard of that, but I will let them draw a few for dollars in interest. Advise all to pay your own taxes and insurance, do not let your mortgage company use a middle person, they are getting rich off of your funds!!!

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