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My husband and I had specific conditions with aroura lending which worked for everyone. We fell 3 months behind due to a temporary unforeseen financial issue.

We agreed to pay aroura an extra 1k until we were current. No problems ! A month later we were informed that cellar is now our new mortgage company. They at first insisted we made or mortgage current.

They demanded that I paid them 14k+ by the 30th of the month. If not they will begin foreclosing procedures. An that they did. Every other day for the next week we had 4 certified letters that needed to be signed for.

We did send then 4200.00 which is almost 2xs our mortgage. Their late fees are ridiculous and unacceptable. Shouldn't they be happy that we are paying them and trying our best to make our mortgage current? we also found out that we have an extra 1300.00 in our escrow account.

We asked them if they would apply it to our next payment. We were told no and they are holding it until we are current with our payments. They will no longer take our payments over the phone only if we pay the full amount. I mailed them 3740.00 1k extra.

I still have not seen the money come out of my account. Every time we call cenlar no one gives the same answer to out question. One person says ok no problems the other says no it doesn't work that way. Now we are informed that we now will deal with their attorneys.

We are also responsible for paying their lawyers! why we are paying them our monthly mortgage plus at least 1k on top ? I highly doubt any of cenlars customer service people can make good faith by paying 4k or more a month to their mortgage company. Do they have any obligation to agree with the same deal we have with our previous mortgage company?

I didn't ask to be switched to this incompetent bunch of people. We were also told that it is illegal to hold escrow that is due to us? we even tried to get them to apply is to our mortgage payment. I am at my wits end with cellar.

The harassment and threats must stop. How dare they tell me their going to foreclose on my home with my 3 children. I know people who have not paid their mortgage for several months and their mortgage company is trying and willing to work anything out with them. Please help am I right or wrong?

well as we stand we are only allowed to speak with their attorneys. I been with cenlar maybe 3 months if that!!!!!

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