I have been waiting for over a month, going on almost 2 now, to see my escrow returned from Cenlar when I closed with Nationstar Mortgage, a company that they recommended via flyers in my original mortgage statement.

I am owed almost 3K and it is a joke trying to get these monies back. When calling their office you get a customer service person who tells you that the check is on the way and that is all you get from them.

They sent me a check for $6.00 and that is all. I was told what I would be getting back but have not seen hide or hair of this yet. Funny how companies nag you silly if you are a day or two late but these people can hold your money for as long as they like.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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San Diego, California, United States #831625



San Diego, California, United States #831622

WAKE UP AMERICA. Did you contract directly with Cenlar?

if not, question their authority to demand anything of you. Do your research.

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