Tampa, Florida

We were another TB&W orphan. Things were ok until a year ago when Cenlar failed to pay our insurance company premium even though we were on time with all our payments and maintained the appropriate escrow balance.

They claimed they never received the policy information even though I personally provided it not once, but twice. The second time in response to a letter from Cenlar stating they still didn't have the insurance policy info and would be forced to purchase a seperate policy to cover. They again failed to update our information and make the premium payment from our escrow balance and worse, did not purchase a different policy as the letter stated. As a result, our homeowners insurance lapsed and we are now forced to pay a ridiciulous premium since the home went uninsured for a while.

Currently doing everything we can to refinance with a different company just so we don't have to do business with Cenlar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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I paid my mortgage off in Late November 2007, I recieved Form 1098 in December of 2007 indicating that the debt was satisfied. I was told that my deed and title was being sent for recording and I would recieve them through the mail within two to three weeks.

I didn't recieve them and called them and was told that it would be another week. I work out of the country and I left going back to work. I have contacted them several times and I get the same answer. It is now May 2012 and I still have not recieved the title to my home.

I called today and got the same answer. I'm talking with my lawyer this evening.


Your situation sounds identical to another tbw orphan sent to cenlar... they have been dealing with insurance *** also

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