Woodstock, Georgia
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We have been in contact with Cenlar for almost two years in the attempt to have the home owners insurance portion of our Escrow account be removed as we pay this directly and still they keep requesting the same information be faxed and we continue to do so time and again, but still this issues has not been resolved and now. Is anyone in control of this company, how they do business is beyond comprehension and if I talk to India once more, they have no understanding of the English language nor the mortgage industry. Cenlar a total joke which we are all suffering from can anyone help us the ones stuck with this diabolical company through no fault of our own?

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Sadly I am having the exact same problem with Cenlar, they are asking for all kinds of insurance, tax escrow amounts. None of which is due.

I keep sending faxes, records, receipts etc proving I owe them nothing. No response from them. Been going on for months.

Clearly...CENLAR is a massive fraud. Trying to find a way to pay off this small morgage and get out from under these criminals.

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