Meeker, Colorado

Paying an on-line fee to give a company my money immediately doesn't make a bit of sense. I really enjoyed my relationship with TB&W and am very unhappy about being forced to be a CENLAR customer. I do not appreciate them trying to change the terms of my loan either by adding any fees especially when there is very little human involvement required to process an on-line payment.

I think the people have spoken, and the Company better listen, or we might start demanding that the banks repay us the money we gave them to bail themselves deeper.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I'm refinancing my home... movnig it away from Cenlar.

Today I find out that Cenlar is charging me a $19.95 "fax" fee. Appears that my title company asked for some info and Cenlar faxed it. No one ever told me that info was being faxed and certainly Cenlar never told me that they would charge me a "fax" fee. On top of this not being legal (as I never requested this service or agree to such a charge) I have no doubt that any court would not allow them to charge $19.95 without warning as, if nothing else, it's excessive (ya, think).

My nice email reply gives them 14 days to credit me these charges (or asked for more) time.

Lacking a response/credit I _will_ notify every appropriate agency of this charge.

I have no doubt that they have billed thousands of customers this amount without the customer know and that most gov't bodies would be happy to fine them for this practice. I will also file in small claims court for these fees back.


I got the same fee last month next time pay thru your banking online service NO FEES

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