Seneca, South Carolina
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My son has been fighting with Cenlar since last August. Tried to double payments and force him into escrow.

They were never helpful and very rude. Now they have started foreclosure and ruined my credit and my son's. He was never behind and paid on time until this. He was afraid to send money because others had sent money to them with the response being they never received it.

Hoping we can now work out a compromise through the original bank which is Community Bank.

There needs to be a way to put these people out of business. Please if you have any suggestions please reply.

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Cenlar is doing the same thing with me on ohio. Call me 216 302 5044

christine H

I do have a couple ideas and suggestions about getting payments and infomation verified to Cenlar. I have fought w/ them ever since the TB&w take over. Please document everything in BOUND notebook, dates times, names. Send all documents, payements certified return receipt mail via Post Office. Also have been near about sounds like where you folks have been let me know if I can help walk you through some stuff.

Couple Cenlar numbers recently aquired that really got something done....

609-718-1606 att: Aaron

609-718-2432 Trenton, NJ

Read the Consumer Protection Act...Tell Cenlar "NO, more calls, put it in writing." Send Cenlar a certified return receipt letter from PO, stating the same, with proof of payment or whatever your dispute is, end of story. Tell Cenlar, you bother me anymore you will be paying me instead of me paying you and watch the tables turn..

We need to know our rights this whole TB&W made us victims/become empowered,cut their virtual umbilical cord (IE. phone)

Then as ONE VOICE we need to REACH out and touch Cenlar where it hurts their pocketbooks called investors with a class action suit...join me (not a lawyer)

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