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Where should I start! They have only had our equity line of credit since 08/2009, they purchased it from BofA.

The first payment statement we received from them was more than triple what we had been paying. The phone number on the statement was incorrect, I had to make numerous phone calls to get an operable phone number for this supposed business. Then they had no answers, no supervisor available and no one returned my calls. I had to file a complaint with New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance and contact my local news on your side channel 3 to contact them before someone finally got back to me.

Then it wasn't over. They didn't want to honor a previous loan modification done by BofA prior to them buying the loan, that was a big issue and fight but they finally agreed to do so after we threatened to get an attorney. THEN they started charging 1 or 2 days here and there at 5.25% (the original rate not the modified rate) and the other days at the 4.2% (modified rate) until I caught it on a statement one day and then I asked for a complete history to make sure all adjustments had been made. This company is unbelievable, I don't know why they are still in business.

When I made a payment by phone, I asked for a conformation number and the customer service rep told me "we don't do that, just write down my name and number and we will send your receipt in the mail", wow. OMG! In six months I've spent more time on the phone with them than I did in three years with BofA, *** they should just pay me an hourly wage for all the time I've spent telling them how to do their job. Someone needs to do something.

This is unfair, they were not my choice, our loan was sold to them and now we are stuck with this horrible company. We have a file at least 3 inches thick.

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I agree, very disappointed in Cenlar. My mortgage was sold to Cenlar from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker.

After tough times I wanted to refinance, they won't refi the loan. I was then told to lower my rate therou loan modification program and I was approved. Month later and piles of documents and phone calls I find out we were not approved. We don't make enough money to refinance through 4 diferent lendors, yet make too much money to qualify for the HARP loan modification.

Is there any honest legitimate mortgage companies or banks left? I doubt it. All this has done is waste my time and money, and lower my credit score. Thanks for the support, great program...HARP is a joke.

No wonder half the country is in foreclosure. I think I'll move to Asia.

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