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Our loan was taken over by Cenlar after TBW filed Bancrupcy. At the beginning of Dec.

2009 we were notified that our Escrow account was short on funds in the amount of $3600. Not paying in full would cause our payment to go up an extra $450 a month which we cannot afford! We called and called, finally getting to talk to a person and they gave us the procedure to pay and get the escrow caught up. We borrowed the money, filled out the paperwork stating that the funds were to go to Escrow only.

Cenlar posted it as 3 months worth of normal mortgage payment keeping our Escrow short and still raising our mortgage payments.We do not know where to turn because you can't trust what they tell you on the phone and they cannot put the money you send them in the correct location.

If the payment stays at the amount it is now we are not going to afford to make our payments and will lose our home. What can we do now????

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I am understanding your frustration. I have been on the phone with CENLAR several times.

My home owners insurance (Travelers) has been wonderful at working with me and my mortgage company. My insurance company and I did a three way phone call with CENLAR and they promised to overnight my payment on 1/5/10. This has not happened! Its now 1/18/10 and still nothing.

This has been going on since October and they still have not been paid. I ended up having to put my house insurance on my credit card because after so many months the insurance company could not extend it any more.

I'm actually thinking about calling our local news station called - That's Messed Up to have them investigate all of this. I just don't know what else to do.

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