Salem, New Hampshire

I, too, am a TB&W customer. I CANNOT reach customer service as the number is ALWAYS busy. I need to pay my mortgage. I tried the online payment system and it will not accept my new loan number. It instructs me to call CS - hence the loop! This is ridiculous. Every time I call the number someone suggested from this site, I am on hold forever. It's a legitimate number, they just leave me on hold. TB&W had terrible customer service. I am afraid these people are no better.

I believe there are NO late fees during the transition from one bank to another for a period of 60 days, but you may want to check that.

Good Luck

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I'm starting a class action against them, not to get even; but to bring them to justice and to stop them from the fraud. If you're interested, please contact me. Our goal is to have at least 100.


I needed to send the proof I had made my Aug 2009 payment to TBW so I sent them a copy of the cancelled check, which they acknowldeged. I got a letter today stating the cancleed check was not sufficient proof I had made the payment.


I did not choose to do business with them but I am stuck with them unless I want to pay the closing costs on a new loan. I am loving this lawsuit idea!!!


I had the usual run around with the outsourced customer service. I called 1-866-430-9689, and was finally able to get an answer regarding a late payment to my insurance provider.


I too am very frustrated with them.

They imported my TB&W loan, and didnt bring over the escrow balance.. so now they say I have a shortage of nearly 850 bucks, and somehow they managed to raise my montly 110 dollars because of this mistake.

I told them I did paperless billing with TB&W, and dont have my old statemetns, and cant get them, and I needed them to fax them to me to prove it. They just faxed me, and it has only the information on what they imported. they have no idea what I paid to TB&W.

Im on hold with them now, but I doubt I will get it resolved.

Their customer service sucks, and I hate how you call them and they say they have to many callers, and to call again later. I did that, and its the same thing. Finally this month I get someone, but its a total pain in the ***.

I wish they had someone else that we can complain too and make something happen. They are just sticking it to us and we cant do anything about it.


OK... they started out pretty bad this summer -- 30 minute hold times or more and not very good customer service (nice, but inaccurate).

Today, I needed to call them to change my autopay amount, and I sat on hold for just 8 minutes before speaking to someone named Joanne.

This gal was sympathetic, very nice, and, I hope, totally competant. I'll know next month...


I never received a letter from either TB&W or Cenlar when the loan was transferred. How horrible you do not know where to send your payment.

Now I am trying to get the loan modification but on the information on their web saying if you think you are qualified for the loan modification, go to the website makinghomeaffordable.

It does not seem that they want to do something. Horrible, we should file a class action again them altogher.


I think that a lawsuit sounds like the only thing that is going to get thier attention. I paid my note to TBW in August, received a confirmation number and it still has not been taken out.

I set up bill pay for CENLAR and paid September and Octobers note and still have not received any confirmation that it was paid. I have called multiple times and I am always put on hold and have to this day no spoken to anyone. I have more things to do than stay on hold for HOURS. Something needs to be done.

There is a problem when I have to google 'TBW transfer' to find out what really happened and why my loan was transfered to this GREAT COMPANY. (yeah right)


Cenlar does nothing for the customer. This great Obama making your home affordable for unemployed people is a joke.

My husband has a fixed retirement income and if cenlar could do their job without lying they could help someone extend the terms of their loan and help out the people hit hardest by this great OBAMANATION we are having to live in. Folks it's just going to get much worse. Ever heard him talk about jump starting the housing market, the backbone of our country. Why no, then things would improve and he does not want this country to be what it was.

He wants to be HUGO. CENLAR fits right into his plan. They are liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll just fight this out with MERS which ACORN is probably owners of.

They are what is making all of these illegal foreclosures go down. Just check it


Where did they find there highly untrained customer service people??? Each time I call I think my call is forwarded to a different prison where prisoners can take phone calls be rude and ignorant while earning cigarette money!!!!!! OUTRAGES!!!!!!!!!


cenlars actions are costing people time and money!!!!! I think we should file a class-action lawsuit because they wont be able to hang up on or misdirect a court order!!! We should create a forum to share information any ideas email me at


I got right through to Cenlar and the lady was soo nice (especially coming from TBW) She provided additional numbers if there was a problem getting through (some issue with the phone company caused lines to go down)

866-305-6949 & 866-430-9689

They also told me they extended stops on late charges and arent reporting to credit until after Nov 12 due to issues with getting info/pmts from TBW.



This is a really, really bad! I like the fact when you send them an email, even after you ask them to talk to you about it, they keep sending you the old FAQ about the transition.

I got a lady on the phone that just kept saying owe, owe.

No help! This is so gross!


I too have been frustrated by not being able to contact Cenlar. I tried for a week to call them before I actually got a ring.

Then waited on hold, only to be disconnected by the operator. My real-estate tax was scheduled for payment in Sept. by Taylor, Bean and Whitaker, but the loan was sold to Cenlar before that happened. I mailed the tax bill to Cenlar just as soon as I got the letter telling me the loan was sold.

Cenlar claims that Taylor, Bean and Whitaker told them it was taken care of in August, so its not their problem. My taxes still aren't paid, I'm being charged a late fee every day that the taxes aren't being paid and its going to take Cenlar's tax department 15 more days to research the issue. Who's going to pay the late fee that is accumulating every day? I just tried to pay my October loan via the web, and there was a "problem".

Now, I need to contact their CS to see if the payment went through.

What kind of legal action can I take against this company? Does anyone know if contacting our Senators or the Attorney General will make any difference?


This is so frustrating. TBW messed up our loan and has been taking out $106/mo for pmi that we bought out of when we origingated our loan in 1/09 When we caught the error they were suposed to credit back our escrow account but then they wen't out of business and Cenlar has messed it up even worse.

Not only are they still taking out the pmi they raised our payment by nearl $400.00 per month with no explaination. They also took out over $600 for a mi/pmi disbursement in August that I have no idea what it is. They also show on our loan activity that we paid over 30 days late once in the last year which we have never paid late. I can't get ahold of anyone.

We faxed proof that we are not suposed to pay pmi but haven't received anything. I don't no what to do.

Do I pay this higher payment? Are they going to say we paid late or are delinquent if we don't?


I put "CENLAR phone numbers" in my web browser and found several. I called 1-609-883-3900, I actually got someone on the phone.

They had not paid my homeowners ins out of my escrow account and I had to pay it to keep it from canceling! I was told by Cenler I would receive a reimbursement check from my escrow account after they received a copy of payment reciept. I faxed it to the number Cenlar gave me.

We'll see. However I do not have alot of faith in any mortgage company right now!


Obamma will get all this straight! RIGHT!!!


I, too, am experiencing horrific customer service. Maybe a class action lawsuit by borrowers who will stand up for their rights would get CENLAR's attention and remedy the situation for us all.


Ditto! I actually reached them by phone 2 times by waiting 47 minutes on hold (also tried 3 other days without success and 3 e-mails.

Then, both times the representative gave me the wrong info. They disbursed our escrow money to pay a county tax.

Problem is - we don't pay county, didn't owe anyone and now don't know where our money is. TB&W stunk but this is worse!


You are not alone, I have been trying to contact them for about a month. I am going to start looking at legal options, May not have many or any, but I am will find out.

Tell ewverybody you know that these people are not customer friendly!

Good luck.


So, what can we legally do about this? I, too, can not get ahold of these ppl.

Can we turn them into the better business bureau? Is there '''anyone''' who can help?

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