Landenberg, Pennsylvania

Cenlar's customer service representatives are unbelievable, grouchy, and mindless. How can one financial organization make so many mistakes? The latest is my school real estate taxes are unpaid and now in the penalty phase.

They said the terms of our mortgages would not change. What they ment was we are making up the terms as we go along. Payments are taking 20 days to post payments to an account, nice way Cenlar for you to make additional money off of our sweat.

I have a real question for Cenlar. Are you trying to screw everyone who is refinancing to get away from you? I hope to sue you someday in the future for your mismanagement and the cost to refinance with the mess you have made out of my account. Me someone who has never had a late payment or missed a payment because it is going to cost me plenty to get rid of you.


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If someone working with CENLAR can even determine who their loan investor is, please let the rest of us know. No one can tell me who owns my loan.

We had to move recently and I can't get anyone at CENLAR to even tell me who holds the note. They send me to Freddie Mac who sends me back to CENLAR. Neither one is a one knows....

I'd like to sure em too, but I have no money for legal costs. What a screw....


I plan on contacting all the above. I also plan on contacting the Attorney General in all the states that Cenlar operates in. I strongly advise everyone else that has been screwed over by Cenlar to do the same.


Debby, you have hit the nail on the head. CENLAR is a complete waste of space and should be shut down.

Make sure to file a complaint with the BBB, Office of Thrift Supervision, and the Federal Trade Commission. Also file a complaint with the investor of your loan.

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