Olsburg, Kansas
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At this time nothing has been resolved between myself and CENLAR; wish this were not so..

Contact with CENLAR has been limited, not sure why, I get calls from them but when I answer nobody is there, may be a connection or issue with their robo call system... The representative I last talked to seemed nice enough,

Lessons learned from my dealings with them, record your calls, if it gets to the point that when you answer their call and receive the statement that this conversation may be recorded... Record on your end too, had I done so it would have made my dealings with the BBB easier....

Another lesson, write down who you talk to and their employee ID; never thought I would be in a situation where I would need that information either but do so now...

A very important lesson learned, if you are dealing with CENLAR understand that you speak with a representative as they become available, rarely is it anyone you have previously spoken with... CENLAR representatives type/place notes in your file, when you call the notes are referred to and decisions, direction of conversation is dictated by the previous notes... I will admit, I have made some of their representatives mad, some deserved it, some did not... How you speak with these representatives greatly impacts what that individual places in your file, understand that most of the time nobody has any reason to compare what was recorded and what is written and understandably so... As mentioned in the previous piece I feel that the representative placed negative statements because of how I unintentionally treated him (I have been dealing with this issue for around three years, I don't know how many phone conversations have taken place... I do know a representative called me about refinancing recently and after I stated I had been down that road over the last three years and had no desire to refinance because of my financial situation, my request for deed in lieu was denied by this representative who wanted me to refinance, reason being the house was vacant, CENLAR had been notified of that previously, prior to asking me to submit the packet for deed in lieu... In a later conversation with one of CENLAR's representation I was told that she could not find information on my deed in lieu request, and did not understand (from our conversation) why it was turned down... (I do not know what is in my file with CENLAR, and the lady may have simply over looked the information, or the information was not properly entered in my file)

CENLAR would benefit greatly were they to assign individuals or teams to handle issues with homeowners... Then again maybe homeowners are not assigned someone to handle their questions to create confusion, I can see how either way would benefit them, not so with the homeowner...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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