Medford, Oregon
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On Aug 16th 2012 we Received a notice that proof of our current home owners insurance was due. They received this proof on or before Aug 20th 2012.

As they sent us a letter that they had received this proof Dated Aug 20th 2012. Yet between these 4 days between requested proof and proof provided they charged our account $110.00 in escrow for Temporary "home owners insurance". This is unreasonable as we provided proof as quickly as possible after it was requested, 4 days. Our insurance never lapsed x 3 years.

Never a late payment to loan or insurance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

Monetary Loss: $110.

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I can one-up you - last year we switched home-owners insurance. The date for payment of the premium changed and we had to adjust our escrow, accordingly.

This year, when time came to pay the premium, we got a notice from the new insurance company that it was missed and we would be cancelled. Cenlar did not make the adjustment in their records. We called Cenlar and "Al" (its always an "Al" whose name is clearly not "Al") told us they would take care of it and not to worry. 30 days later we get a cancelation notice from our insurance company - NO INSURANCE!

And to make matters worse, they told us they would not renew us. We had to scramble to get new insurance. We call Cenlar and "Al" apologizes up and down and promises to take care of it. We check our account on-line and now our escrow account is near empty - they took money out for insurance but the clearly did not pay our former insurer who refuses to renew us and they don't know yet who our new insurer is who we paid, directly.

So where is our escrow money? And this is not the first time we have had problems with Cenlar.


Cenlar did this to me also. Lived in the same place foe 23 years, never purchased flood insurance because I am not in a flood zone.

Cenlar sent me a letter saying my flood insurance had lasped. Never had any. I told them that. Sent them a copy of the FEMA flood map, sent them a elevation certificate.

They said it was not good enough I had to have a LOMA letter from FEMA. So I have had to apply to FEMA for a LOMA letter because they put $752 worth of flood insurance on my account. Guess what i had to do for the FEMA letter. Hire a land surveyor and have an elevation certificate done.

Another $325.

Yes a *** COMPANY.Must have some kind of kick back from insurance companies. Idiots work there.

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