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Cenlar is definitely a joke! They don't have a record of my payment that was made over a year ago and now demand me to send them proof of payment.

What the heck? It's over a year ago...why they never inform me?? I found out because they said they said I still owe the most recent month's payment, which they already received. I closed the bank they used to pay them and was concerned that I couldn't get the information they need, which means I have to pay an extra monthly payment...the one I already paid and they lost record of.

Luckily I have the bank statement that shows the payment. They shouldn't have lost that information in the first place. They also lost my insurance coverage statement and ordered one that costs over a thousand for a year coverage. How ridiculous!!

The coverage should cost only about $300/year. Unbelievable!!! Not only that, the coverage was in the past...They are unorganized.

They blame the customers instead of taking their work seriously and be responsible for their imcompetency. Seriously...we all should do something about their poor's our rights to demand as much.

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Read the Consumer Protection Act...Tell Cenlar "NO, more calls, put it in writing." Send Cenlar a certified return receipt letter from PO, stating the same, with proof of payment or whatever your dispute is, end of story. Tell Cenlar, you bother me anymore you will be paying me instead of me paying you and watch the tables turn..

We need to know our rights this whole TB&W made us victims/become empowered,cut their virtual umbilical cord (IE. phone)

Then as ONE VOICE we need to REACH out and touch Cenlar where it hurts their pocketbooks called investors with a class action suit...join me (not a lawyer)


They keep telling me I'm a month behing because of the TBW bankruptcy. I've even faxed them the proof that it was taken from my checking account. They still keep telling my I'm a month behind and send threatening letters and call on a daily basis.


That happened to me as well. I got a call from them stating that I was three months behind on the mortgage for my lake house.

I am a former TBW customer and when they went belly up, I talked to someone at Cenlar who said they could not handle the processing from all of the loans they picked up. I told her my fear was that I would send them checks in, they would cash them and would never post to my account.

Sounds like that is exactly what happened -now they want me to go back to 2009 and prove that I sent them checks or online payments. They stink and I want them out of my life.

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