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Cenlar took over our loan from Taylor Bean, who went bankrupt. All payments made to Taylor Bean while the loan was with them are being held in bankruptcy which is in our case is two payments.

All other payments have been with Cenlar. Cenlar will get their money when Taylor comes out of bankruptcy. In the meantime we are getting threatening, harassing letters from Cenlar threatening foreclosure, etc. When we call them they say they know the payments are in bankruptcy but for us to ignore the letters.

The letters are false, embarrassing, harassing, and a defamation of character. And to top it off they will not stop the letters. We are wanting to file a class action against Cenlar and Taylor Bean for the uproar and personal attacks they are making on the innocent.

We did not chose to go with Cenlar - we had no choice. Is anyone out there considering a lawsuit, if so a class action may be the way to go.

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Responding to Tammy Hicks, who read my mind regarding a so-well-deserved class-action lawsuit against these creeps. I second the motion that we need a lawyer to gather the evidence from all the innocents wronged and possibly defrauded by these jerks, who seem to be hanging on to all that sweet tax money while charging us gargatuan sums for a new escrow setup, under the excuse that Taylor Bean under-estimated our taxes. Friends, only united can we win back our money and make them pay for threatening so many of us!!!

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