Stone Mountain, Georgia
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I have had 3 loans switched to Cenlar from Taylor, Bean, Whitaker and all 3 have been handled poorly. I got notification for 2 loans within a month but have had trouble with online login and have been unable to get a response.

The other loan took over two months before I got transfer information. I knew it was transferred so I called and emailed every week for two months and got no response.

I still can't get them to correct my online services. I've had dealings with 10 mortgage companies in my life and they are by far the absolute worst!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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My loan was also assumed by Cenlar (from Taylor Bean). I have a 30 year FIXED rate mortgage of $2,900 per month.

I got a letter in the mail saying my mortgage was going up to $3,500. However, I mailed in proof that my taxes went down. An increase makes absolutely no sense. I have now been with Cenlar for 4 months trying to resolve it but they never return calls or respond.

Now I am selling the house and they tell me that I now (after 25 payments of $2,900 months) owe MORE than I borrowed orignally. Where is my money? Who can I contact? The stress alone is enough to cause heart and panick attacks.

If there is a lawyer out there filing a class action lawsuit, please include me.

This is horrible treatment of people.


I agree. Taylor Bean and Whitaker handled things smoothly for me with my loan.

Whatever they may have gotten busted for, they at least paid property taxes and things like that smoothly.

I needed to have Cenlar pay my property taxes after they failed to do so on time. The only people I could get on the phone barely spoke any English, refused to change the wrong address they tried to use to pay my taxes...etc, etc.

It went on and on. Avoid them if you can

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