Minneapolis, Minnesota

We were given Cenlar when TBW (who unfortunately bought our mortgage) closed. We got a notice that our mortgage was going up $400 a month and then after a year only came down $170.

We've been trying to refinance (we have excellent credit) but were told that Cenlar wasn't cooperating with other banks and we can't. I'm beyond sick reading what some of you have been going through and I want to find a way OUT! Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

We can't do a typical refinance because our LTV is so upside down. Help!!

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I was a CENLAR customer, they lied on me about information not being sent in on time.....(& EVERYTHING WAS RECORDED!!!!!)& i have PROOF. :(


:grin Thanks for the comment! I was with TBW and now have CENLAR, and am debating HARP or a traditional refi (not sure if I'll qualify for traditional, but HARP should be OK). How was your experience with Quicken loans?



If you have a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae loan through Cenlar, you may be able to get a HARP loan. We were TBW customers who were moved to Cenlar.

We have a 112% LTV ratio, and we were able to refinance recently with Quicken Loans at 4.75%. We got a Freddie Mac Relief Refi through HARP. Check the "Making Home Affordable" web site for the links to check whether you have a Fannie or Freddie loan.

Before Sept. 1, if you had certain types of loans, you had to refinance with the same lender.

Cenlar is a servicer, not a lender, so Cenlar customers couldn't refinance. On Sept. 1, Freddie expanded the eligibility of some loans for open access, meaning you can use any lender.

While all Cenlar loans may not be eligible for HARP, you at least stand a better chance of being eligible under the new HARP rules. Our refinance was rejected by Freddie in 2010 because of pool insurance but was approved in December 2011.

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