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My loan, like many others, was assumed by Cenlar. They told me this morning they weren't sure they even had a copy of my mortgage documents.

I am at my wits end and do not know who to turn to. Two years in a row they have paid my property taxes without having the right to do so. They have taken my mortgage payments and applied them to money they say I owe. I have never missed a payment and they are currently saying I am two months behind.

To make matters worse they have been reporting incorrect negative information to the credit reporting bureaus. I have zero idea how to fix this situation. How can something like this happen........????? How can a company be so incompetent yet be assigned a failed lender's accounts.

This is so messed up I can only assume the federal gov. hand picked CENLAR because of donations given to the right people in power. I want Cenlar out of my life for good and will do whatever is necessary. Does anyone have any suggestions ????

I have sent certified letters to the 3 credit bureaus disputing anything and everything Cenlar has noted regarding my credit report.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I would recomend also filing a complaint with the FTC on the matter. You can go online and do it.

They are messing with your bank. Also send them a qualified written request to NJ and demand they audit your account and correct everything.

If they do not respond and do not correct the problem that is a RESPA violation and each one of those violations add up. You could successfully sue them and get your loan paid off for each and every violation.

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