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AfterTBW loanswhere switchedtoCenlar I'vemade pymtsonline since2009usually onthe12th day. My loanis dueonthe 1stwitha graceperiod of15th.

Lastmonth Isaw a$12.00chrg. I thought "I musthave messedupsomehow andIpaidit. Thismonth thereisa$7.50 charge. SoIcalledthem....Itseemsthat ifyouare 6dayspassthe1st youarechrg.

$2.00andif youare afew moredays late,you pay$7.50 andafew

daysafter thatyouare charged$12.00,and afterthe graceperiod youarecharged $56.00.arbagNowasaretired REBroker iknowwhat garbagefeesare. Howdare anyonechargeyou anykindofa garbagefee beforeyourgraceperiodisup. Agraceperiod isatimepast thedeadline foran obligationdurin which alatepenalty thatwouldhavebeen imposediswaived. Somecompaniesand organizations donotview onewhofulfills anobligation withinagraceperiod an differently.

Inthese situations, asubjectwhoispastdue, butwhomeetstheobligation withinthegraceperiod receivesequal treatment andnopenaltyornegativereputation. ROPE A it a TRANSACTION FEE.

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