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I work with a large insurance company and we work with mortgage companies on a regular bases. All of Taylor Bean's mortgages were sold to a company called Cenlar, a company I have never heard of.

This company has clearly been overwhelmed by the amount of service it takes to care for the large number of mortgage's Taylor Bean & Whitaker sold to them. I was sitting on hold for over 20 minutes in order to help one of insured's with the recent transition. Insurance payments are frequently paid through, or escrowed, the mortgage company and I am trying to get payment on our insured's policy. Not only was I on hold for 20 minutes but once I was connected, the person I was speaking with could not understand my request and it took another 20 minutes to get any answers.

I deal with mortgage companies frequently for our insured's and I have never had service or hold times like this.

Not only was the hold time ridiculous Cenlar is no longer listing their phone number on their website you must go to Taylor Bean and Whitaker's web site to get the phone number. It is the worst service I have ever received and the service representatives hold almost no knowledge to the product they are handling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I have no idea who thewse people are. Have no payment slips or anything else. No one answers the phones.


My husband and I think this company really sucks. We get calls from them all the time and when we pick up they put us on hold while giving us a message every 5 seconds and then after 10-15 min.

they hang up.

If you get anybody when calling they're in India. And don't have a clue.


CENLAR's incompetence is only surpassed by TBW. Watch as they will raise your payments to cover "ins.and taxes".

What happened to the monies TBW had? I have filed a complaint with occ.gov.

Nothing heard from them yet? Any suggestions?


I recommend anyone having problems with Cenlar to file a complaint with occ.gov. I contacted my congressman about Cenlar's unethical activity on my account. He explained that with Cenlar being a federal business, I had to submit a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) under consumer complaints.


This is without a doubt the most worthless organization I have ever dealt with. If you can ever manage to get through to a customer service agent, you will get utter incompetance.

The web site is completely unprofessional, and after 3 months of my loan being transferred, I am still not getting monthly statements.

This company needs to be put out of business. I am angered as a consumer that I am being forced to deal with this kind of inadequate service.


First of all folks when TBW did not honor the language of the mortgage they defaulted on it. By not paying insurance, taxes, etc.

out of escrow and not protecting those fiduciary accounts they default period. Those of you that had closed on mods and refinances with TBW have a default and breach of contract, the problem is TBW filed chapter 11 which protects them however you are in a very strong bargaining position to modify your loans. All of you with Cenlar like me are having your mortgages serviced by Cenlar TBW still owns the paper. So here is my advice and some of you may have a difficult time paying for it like we did, hire a lawyer that is a consumer/mortgage type and if they are worth their salt you will probably see within a few months a better mortgage then you could have hoped for.

Cenlar has been unable to produce certain documents within an acceptable time frame and are on the clock. This attorney also is negotiating a modification at the same time and beleives every one of you have leverage in a refinance with Cenlar/TBW. You folks are in a very good position right now I know it doesn't seem that way but all I can say is talk to a lawyer I know nobody likes them but sometimes you have to your escrow accounts were held in one of the biggest bank collapses ever Colonial Bank so it may be awhile before you see it.

Cenlar told me they have the money they lied I checked into it and called them on it and that is what got me moving quickly, DO NOT SIT ON THIS AND HOPE IT GOES AWAY. Send a letter demanding original loan documents, and all information regarding your file including but not limited to communications between TBW/Cenlar, and any Federal agencies that were involved written, printed and or recorded you are entitled to it legally.


I agree, they are completely incompetent and lack the intellegence to fix any situation they mess up. Oh, they will tell you its fixed to get you off the phone but its not actually fixed.

Complete *** at that company. I need to get my loan switched and I would suggest anyone whose mortgage is with CENLAR to do the same.

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