Houston, Texas
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We were transferred to CENLAR from Taylor, Bean ,Whittaker, as well. At first they would never answer the phones, now they do, but I can't understand them.

Our insurances are supposed to be paid by them out of an escrow account, however they keep letting them lapse! Then they send me a letter telling me I have to call the insurance! Now I could understand if there were any changes, but NOTHING has. The same as it has been since day one.

Who actually owns this company, anyway??

I am, seriously, thinking of refinancing! I am not comfortable with this company managing my escrow account!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I'm experiencing the same problem. How did you resolve the problem.

Appreciate all the help you could give me. Thank you.


Just missed a lapse. On 11/7 they sent me a letter saying that my ins co.

didn't bill them? They were billed 10/25 & my insurance was due 11/15. Ins. was paid by their records 11/7.

11/12 sent me a letter saying they had proof of my ins and were cancelling temporary insurance they purchased on my behalf WTF! I'm about to cut them loose!

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