Los Angeles, California

2009 took over loan from BK Taylor-Bean Whittaker. 2010 called us and sent letter needing proof of our payment to TBW for August/September 2009.

We sent them bank statements for those 2 months. They called us 10 more times within the next 4 months repeating the request which we had already supplied.

Then they sent us a letter stating that the statements were incomplete and that they needed the actual front and backside of our checks plus a written statement from Wells Fargo (our bank) stating that the money was taken out of our account for this purpose. I believe that their actions are in fact criminal and that they should really be investigated accordingly!

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I was a TBW customer I have always made my payments on time but when Cenlar took over in August/September of 2009 they claimed I had missed September's payment. I had no idea until August/September of 2010 when I tried to refinance my mortgage and found out the they had me on a 30 day rolling and were not reporting to the Credit Bureaus.

Never once did I receive a late notice if I had I could have make the payment. I feel they lost my payment and now I have to suffer. Because of Cenlar I am not able to refinance my home.

I will join anyone that does a Class Act Suite agianst them. elizabeth.marshall@amerisbank.com.


we just received a call last night telling us the same thing!!!! We also had TBW and made our payments to them electronically through Aug.

09. Now, 11-23-10 Cenlar is saying that we did not make our Aug. 09 payment!!!! We have never received a late notice, phone call or late payment charge from them until the call last night!!!!

We have never been able to access their website and now they are wanting us to prove we paid our 8-09 payment!!!! They are crooks! We've struggled along like everyone else in this economy to maintain our good credit and have never been late on a payment.

This is pure harrassment and a scam! If there is a class action suit against them we want to join in!!!!


We were a TBW loan taken over by CENLAR as well. We have made our payments on time for the past year since we rec'd instructions from CENLAR on pymt.

We got a call from a CENLAR rep tonight telling us that we were behind on our payments. When I told her that was incorrect, she said let me see, says here you didn't make a payment during the transition period for the loan in OCT 2009!!

A year later? This is absurd They didn't like my response from there :)

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