Seattle, Washington

Here are steps I'm taking at this time against Cenlar:

1- Complain to the Attorney General of my state, Washington.

2- Complaint to the Federal Trade Commissions, FTC.

3- File complaint with the Wash. Dept of Financial Institutions.

4- File complaint with the BBB online.

I'll refer all these sources to complaints I find here, on, in the BBB site, and in other Google results.

While I take these regulatory steps, I'm definitely open to starting or joining a class-action suit against these creeps. If you know of any that has started, please direct me to those attorneys, and thanks. United, something will come out of this mess they've plunged us in.

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Info from Hoovers about CENLAR: anyone good at research?

Mr Michael Young

Chief Executive Officer;


Mr Gregory Tornquist

Chief Operating Officer

John Anerousis Cio

Ms Charmaine Rabuck

Chief Technology Officer

Mr Mark Lybeck

Senior Vice President; Counsel; Svp

Lori J Pinto Svp Information Technology

Ms Joan Brodsky Vice President; Vice President And Assistant Counsel

Fran Bryant Second Vice President

Patricia Day Svp; Vice President Human Resources



I have had changes in my circumstance and I can not get any help with Cenlar. My income has decreased tremendously. I've contact them to let them know that I am having a hardship but no one cares.


I too am having the same problems with Cenlar. Almost every month they make errors and try billing more than due.

Insurance or other claims. All without merit.

I want to go after Cenlar. Anyone know how we can proceed?


Going through the same garbage it seems as everyone else on here is. We are now being told that after 6 1/2 years of no issues at all with our mortgage payments we now need to pay an additional 300 bucks a month.

For what? I have no clue, I can't get a single logical explanation out of anyone at Cenlar. These people are serious crooks.

We pay outside insurance and they decided to take it upon themselves to pay it and bill us more than what we originally paid. We need to do something about this asap before more people get robbed.

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