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Cenlar will not pay my home owners insurance. I have faxed the bill six times and mailed it four times.

Every time I speak to a "customer service" rep they tell me a different story. I have either faxed it to the wrong number (then they tell me to fax it to the same number), they claim it never showed up or they tell me I didn't tell them my fax number before it was sent so they could verify they number (what?!). I have also had my insurance provider contact Cenlar and they are as blown away at the lack of service as I am.

My lawyer is calling tomorrow!

Once this is cleared up (it's been five months thus far) I will get as far away from cenlar as I can. I hope you do as well.

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Cenlar claimed that Taylor Bean, now defunct, never sent them my insurance papers (my own condo & master policy for the entire complex). Cenlar took their sweet time to notify me to send them proof of my insurances.

Have just now received their letters, but they've been "servicing" my loan since last August. Their insurance division is called American Security Insurance Co.

and that's where they want your money to go, not to your actual insurance company. That's why you'd do well to pay your own agent yourselves, instead of expecting correct business ethics from those thieves at Cenlar.

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