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My mortgage company was Aurora and sold to here NJ. During the time of Aurora I was having a hard time making payments.

Due to being out of work for my back. I had $1000 to try to bring it up to date. The worker told me not to pay. I can probably get a modification.

Time goes by. More money is owed. I call worker. He tells me I can't get modification.

I was livid that they never sent me a letter to tell me. Worker told me he would get in touch with me. I know he called me back to tell me they could put me in a program. But I would have to come up with $3200.

I told him I didn't have that kind of money. I only had $2500. Worker told me he would call me back. He called and said that they would need $3200.

Now I am more behind and can't do anything. I went to Nova Debt to get help. Great company by the way. Caring people.

At the end we couldn't do anything. I decide to call the workers supervisor Richard Farvetto. I gave workers name told him what he told me. About not paying my mortgage to get a modification.

This man was pure evil. He blasted me calling me liar. His worker wouldn't say that. Then he proceeds to call me a *** ***.

He screamed at me to get out of condo. If I couldn't afford it, I shouldn't have bought it. I should have said to him. If I couldn't afford it.

Your company shouldn't have given me a mortgage. Well I never said this. You think about what you should have said after you hang up. I did call him a ***.

I reported him to his supervisor Mr. Probst. Reported this whole incident to the State of NJ. I did everything the State told me to do.

Mr, Probst lied and the State of NJ did nothing. My condo went in foreclosure. I did cas for keys. I met with a inspector the day to give my keys.

He said he never got check. He sent pics of my condo. I passed inspection. He told them on the phone he never got a check.

He had the call on speaker phone. The gentleman he was speaking to told him. They would send it overnight by UPS. He also said I should be home to accept.

I gave them my new address. We verified the address. That was it. Bottom line never received check.

Called attorney they told me Cenlar was supposed to send it. Well what a surprise Cenlar once again messed up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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