Birmingham, Alabama

No one there in 2009 knew anything about the plans for homeowners who lost their jobs. Was processing paperwork and called them 3 times a day sometimes would nNEVERreturn my call.

One day Ms. Williams offered me a forebearance and I said that is not what we applied for. Next day a girl called and said did I still want a modification plan . If I did my paperwork was too old andthey would send more.

Said they never received it and the attorney for closed all while having major surgery.We have fought this for 5 years and accepted our modification from Chase, bad as it was.Next day said off the table on,y cash for keys. Be out in30

days to get other half of money Gave us 3 hours to sign or lose all.Fannie Mae, Chase and Cenlar are f------- retarded. Everyone loses. We are going back to court.More of this at 61 and 62 yrs.

Old? How much more abuse and my husband is disabled and Ihad been sedated for an outpatient procedure and wasn't supposed to sign legal docs.Obama Drones and jerks. bull *** programs not for us all. Maybe we will get to the Supreme Court at this rate.

During this time myDad passed away,my Daughter married, I've had 3 major surgeries my Moms bouse was damaged in a tornado that devastated her town and my husband's mom is dying of cancer and in hospice. Hold your breath on us moving.

Our home looks like a bomb hit it. Just not going to

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