Eugene, Oregon

Since Cenlar took over my Taylor Bean loans they have understated the payments I have made, and then they send out incorrect Forms 1098 misstating principal and interest. They add Insurance charges even though I have provided evidence of insurance.

This month they have increased the payment due, even though it is a fixed rate mortgage? It is almost impossible to get through to them on the telephone. I am current on my payments, but there collection department will call making collection calls. The auto robo call says to hold for next agent and then does not return.

While they have you on hold, they will call you back and leave a voice message that says you need to call them. When you call back they put you on a holding que and Never answer.

It is time we stop the abuse by Cenlar. Who has the way?

I am open to supporting a class action law suit.

I am in Oregon. Anyone else in the same mess?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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They are the worst bunch of crooks. They keep calling 3 times a day even though the loan hasn't gone past overdue.

Their automated system doesn't give the correct amount to pay without a service charge. Similar thing online. The online system wont allow me to edit the amount due for the month but will add the next month dues also which aren't even due. When I call to talk to an agent the message says the office is closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Certainly I support a class action lawsuit against these guys. High time someone looked at their operations. They are nickel and diming customers. They sent default loan notices to me even though I have always been current and reported the loan as default to all three credit bureaus.

My credit score dropped more than 60 points. I will complaint to the feds too.


I just received a past due notice from my insurance company. My homeowners insurance has not been paid by CENLAR.

I looked at my CENLAR account information online and it shows a homeowners insurance refund on 6/26/12 but my payment was due on 7/1/12. I called CENLAR and got a robo message saying the office is closed due to unforeseen circumstances. ???? I just saw the comment dated April 2012 that someone got the same message.

What is going on there?!? Has anyone else had this issue?


Just tried to call them again....robo says the office is closed due to unforseen circumstances? Ummm......


file a complaint with the consumer fraud bureau its a beginning


OMG its like all the same thing happening to us. 2 months behind, then not enough money in escrow, then my payments arent applied correctly, can't get anything done with these people.

I asked 3 times to get a statement of all my payments, and never received it yet. I am well open to a class action lawsuit, let's go for it.

I am fed up of these people making me cry thinking they will foreclose on my house when I am current with them. Enough is enough

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