Reston, Virginia

This company is a service disaster. They pay my insurance late and you can only speak to call center in god knows where and speak to helpless people with phony names like Ashley.

Then they are completely useless and just spew the same info you can pull off the web. I am paying off my loan and getting as far away as possible from this telephone circus of no customer service company.

I was a Taylor Bean client and the sooner I loose these guys the happier I'll be. I have a great rate on a 4.875% mortgage but I'm leaving it behind to make sure my taxes and insurance get paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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Scared since I have read these post to try and do a modification through HAMP. They do not show that I am paying the mortgage either, I am sure if you don't pay it will show up. If you tried to do the HAMP they do have a number if you feel you have not been treated properly.


I can relate and agree with all of the above comments. This is the technology age and they want every thing in snail mail and claim they cant email information for security purposes. There is absolutly nothing good about CENALR!!!!


I must agree with the comments made by others. It is apparent that competency is not something Cenlar values or includes in Customer Service training.

It took me 3 months, various phone calls, faxes, and emails to prove to them I had hazard insurance on the property.

In the meantime, they purchased a temporary policy for me. (Although I must say it does not appear I was charged for this.) On a scale or 1-10, I give them a 3-.


This company is horrible

I tried to pay extra principal and they put it toward paying two more future mortgage payments even after I wrote a separate check for principal only and sent them a letter with it. I had to fight them for two more months and threaten them with an attorney

I just got approved at another bank so I don't have to deal with them anymore

They do not know anything

I also asked for a payoff statement which was to take 5-7 days. Two weeks later I didn't get it so I called again and was told the same thing. I told them if they didn't fax it by lunch time I was filing a legal complaint. Low and behold I got it faxed to me. They are so difficult to deal with.

Thankfully after next week I won't have to deal with them except that there will be an overpayment on the payoff which I am to get reimbursed the difference. Which my new bank will take care of getting it from them

Do not take a mortgage with them. Look around. Better banks are out there


I have not had one problem with them since they took over my loan. As long you as know your laws (research them if you don't) you won't have an issue.

The only thing that ticks me off is they have no interest in helping you re-finance your home.


I was never late on my loan either, and after losing my job, I continued to pay the loan until I couldn't almost 6 months later. I attempted to short sale my home but Cenlar refused the price.

Now they are going to foreclose on it and I am sure they will not get even close to the short sale price, plus they will have to maintain the property.

Each time I called, someone would give me different information. Its as if their departments don't communicate with each other.


I had never been late on a payment. In June of 2011 I was hospitalized and unable to work until August.

I contacted Cenlar in June and informed them I would not be able to make July's payment. I completed paperwork for hardship assistance and was told foreclosure would not happen while in this process. Loan was turned over to Bayview Servicing (I would use the term servicing very loosely). You could never reach a person.

The mailbox was full and you could not leave a message, or if on rare occasion you could leave a message they would NOT call you back. The nightmare ended with foreclosure. They started foreclosure in Nov. I had ask for payments to be added to the end of the loan.

They did not work with me at all. Never dreamed I would lose my home.

I had not even been late on a payment for 5 1/2 years. What a kick in the stomach!


is anyone having any issues with Cenlar supposedly not receiving your mailed payments?

i had my mortgage with a different company for about 17 years. never missed a payment. i pay all my bills on time. cenlar bought my mortgage and in 2 of the last 8 months cenlar has not received my payments. this month i paid 14 bills mailed them and only cenlar did not receive. i make about 30 payments/month and coincidentally in the last 8 months, 2 checks mailed to them did not arrive there.

is anyone else having any issues with Cenlar supposedly not receiving your payments?


Cenlar purchased my loan and then claimed that I had a negative escrow from the previous mortgage company. When I explained to them that I do not have an escrow account they told me they are sorry but if I do not pay the deficiency then they are going to force an escrow on my loan and increase my payment by nearly 45%.

I complained argued and tried to work this situation out with them. We have moved and tried to list the house for sale and Cenlar has repeatedly blocked any sale offers, they have blocked us from renting the property out, and even now after they agreed to a short sale we have 3 contracts pending and they are still silent and will not process the paperwork so we can be free of them. This company should be shut down and fined by the federal government. It is a shame what they do to innocent homeowners, especially since the entire state of the economy was caused by mortgage companies like them.

BEWARE of CENLAR and stay away. I find it revolting that there is nothing in place to allow homeowners to block the sale of their mortgage to shady companies such as this.


I can really relate to all these comments. And as a Realtor for almost 30 years, I have never seen worse service or lack there of.


We are looking to refinance our loan for a better interest rate.Our TBW/ Cenlar loan # is

831310.We thought we would ask you first since you already have our loan.Whats the best you can do for us?The loan is on 634 Sandy Lane,Port aransas Tx 78373


Jeff Langle

3000 Crawford Rd




@Jeff Langle

This website doesn't seem to be part of cenlar, you just posted private info on a public forum. Don't know if this will reach you, but you should take this down NOW. no wonder how many people have their identity stolen.


I found out my credit score dropped from 780 to 695 when I applied a construction loan. I was shocked and it turned out this incompetent *** - Cenlar - reported a two months open delinquency on my credit report, even though I paid every single payment on time.

After talking to the *** customer service, whom I totally can't understand, they wanted me to write a letter to explain everything and call all four credit agencies to dispute it. Why I have to fix it when it's all their mistake? Miss TBW! Never had problems until Cenlar took over, and I have to chase their *** to take my money after I paid it!!!!!!

What a scam!!!! Now my credit is totally ruined, but they never reported my excellent payment history until they decided to report a bad one from nowhere!!!

Is there anyway we can complain together or sue this scam together?


I had TBW for years, then when cenlar took over, there was no problem until recently when they refused two months of my payments and then they wanted Me to pay $3900.00 for the original $1800 I had owed them. screw this, if you refuse my money, I will give your *** lawyers extra. what a *** scam.


I have been paying my mortgage on time. All of the sudden my credit score went from Good to Poor.

Than I found out that Cenlar does not report my mortgage at all. So therefore all these years building my credit has gone down the tubes because it looks like I don't have a mortgage. I looked into refinancing but can't even do that due to the fact that I am not even showing having a mortgage.

Where can we go to get help? I want to get my credit corrected and get out of this house!


Cenlar is a scam, keep adding insurance on my payments even though I pay it myself. they should be shut down or at least investigated


Cenlar added money to an escrow and began to charge me a much higher monthly note. Now here is the kicker!!

I pay my own insurance and taxes. These documents were sent to these idiots and they should be reported to some law Or regulatory for being thieves.

I have now paid my loan off and cannot get my money back that was charged to me at closing for escrow. Does anybody know how we can start some legal actions against these thieves.?


They completely suck! With TB&W i received a yearly refund from my escrow account for over payment. These clowns uped my mortgage 200.00 a month because my escrow balance isnt large enough even though neither my taxes or insurance increased.

I HATE THEM...and their overseas call center is a joke!


need to know if there is a classaction law sute against CENLAR

whose rhe lawer

send info at

beast regards




This company is truly a customer service nightmare. After sending them our insurance binder (and confirming they received it) we were told because we had let our policy lapse they would buy one for us.

That was in July 2010. I have sent faxes, called, taken notes, sent more faxes - and we still don't have the refund they owe us. Their latest scam is to say I'm not authorized on our joint account so they "can't legally give me any information." They've had no problem talking to me for the past 2 years.

I shouldn't have to call a company daily to make sure they do their job and keep their records straight.

If we could, we'd refinance just to get away from them.

Run. Don't use this company.

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