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CENLAR does not post your payments on the date they receive payments. Many customers could be paying late fees when they really should not. PLUS, the return envelope coupons they send customers is going to a PO box somewhere, not CENLAR's office. That adds additional days to their processing.

I have been tracking my payments (never late) over the past year with certified, return receipt mail. It takes CENLAR as many as 4 days to post my payment. Fortunately, I mail my payments early enough, but for others that may be near the deadline for the grace period, you may be getting charged late fees inappropriately.

Frankly, I think this is a class-action suit, but customers should be complaining to the authorities. State Attorney General's Office, Comptroller of the Currency, Better Business Bureau and any other agency possibly regulating mortgage service companies. Be prepared to be able to back up the claim with proof of receipt on CENLAR's end.

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I budget and have my payment near when I get paid to arrive at Cenlar before the 16th of the month. Accounting for postal delays, I now mail it a couple of days earlier. However Cenlar many times post the day after its due and then charge late fees.

@Same thing here

I sent in my payment on the 23rd of April it is now May 15th and have not posted my payment to date, WTF. I know that New Jersey is big *** but how can that be. Also, WTF with a PO Box instead of a real business address.

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