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In Nov 2011, I refinanced my rental house mortgage with Lockheed CU and paid off the previous mortgage which was serviced by CENLAR. CENLAR withheld $1994.

73 and claims to have sent it to the rental home address rather than to me directly. Since early 2012 they respond to me monthly inquires that they have requested a stop on the check and for a reissue to me at my home address.

I get the same response each month and no check and no other information about any progress toward resolution of the situation. No one will take any responsibility for correcting the error and it is impossible reach live person by phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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Cenlar bought out are loan from are previous lender we have never missed a payment they keep saying we ar behind I sent cops of every thing to them showing we ar not behind they sent me a register letter that they won't take payments unless I pay them 1015 plus 1200 in late fees with my next payment we ar older and have alot of health problems it is stressing us out so much we have contacted the old lender they said we ar right bit they can't do any think does any one no who could help us maybe someone that helps seniors with problems

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