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well let me say for starters I have been dealing with this no good company for the last 4 yrs they have no respect for the people that try to make good on there house payment what so ever.me and my husband have an FHA loan and just this year we have fallen 3 months behind on are payments do to the unforeseen things that happen in everyday life car breaks down had to get that fixed then are plumbing had to get that fixed tried to do a repayment plan with this company are monthly payments are only $955 a month but once the repayment agreement was entered they wanted almost $1600 a month which we can't even afford then we where just told that there is other things that we can do to save are home and we weren't even told any of those things until the last moment i'm afraid that we're now under foreclosure do to them I just recently received the workup packet from them 5 days ago after asking for them to send me one at the start of aug now i'm stressed out because i'm afaird that where going to lose are home do to Cenlar right now me and my husband are looking to sell because of this no good rotten mortage company way to go Cenlar... 

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Listen, 3 months behind is horrible. Pay mortgage before anything else.

I have owned a house for only 1.5 years and we have been a few days late once or twice. Your going to lose your house if you haven't already.


Not trying to be cold hearted, but if you can't make your mortgage because your car broke down and your plumbing bill... then you cannot afford a house.

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